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If You’re a VA Republican Who Thinks Cuccinelli’s Nuts on Social Issues, Why Not Vote for This Guy?


Are you a Virginia Republican who is “pro-business,” who favors low taxes and small government, but who also abhors Ken Cuccinelli’s Pat Robertson-style obsession with what goes on in your bedroom and your doctor’s office? For those reasons (or others), are you looking for an alternative to Ken Kookinelli (I’m not expecting many Virginia Republicans to vote Democratic, although I’d hope they’d consider it!)? Well, you’ve got one: Robert C. Sarvis, the libertarian candidate for governor of Virginia, is now officially on the ballot.

On Sarvis’ website, he says he’s running for governor of Virginia because he believes our state “needs open-minded, economically literate leadership, not culture wars and class wars.” That includes, of course, ending a bunch of taxes, while also eliminating “all subsidies, credits/deductions, preferential valuation rules, etc.” and repealing the transportation bill signed into law by Gov. McDonnell this past spring. That actually makes Sarvis more consistent than Ken Cuccinelli on the small government/low taxation front, as Cuccinelli refuses to say how he’d pay for his tax cuts, and also has done a wild flip flop on the transportation package (from opposing it as a massive tax hike back when it was being debated, to now saying it’s a done deal that he won’t revisit).

Also in stark contrast to Cuccinelli’s crusade on social issues, Sarvis believes in ending the war on drugs and the over-criminalization of our society. It’s a classic, libertarian combination that you’d think would appeal to sane Republicans and low-tax/pro-business conservatives who think Cuccinelli is, frankly, bonkers. Of course, there’s a risk that some confused progressives might also vote for Sarvis, but I think that about 2 minutes of pondering how badly Sarvis’ tax cuts would devastate Virginia’s infrastructure, social safety net, etc., would turn off about 99.9% of progressives to his candidacy. I’d also note that Sarvis says nothing about a woman’s right to choose {UPDATE: see here for Sarvis’ opposition to mandatory ultrasounds and applying hospital regulations to women’s health clinics), about climate science {UPDATE: see here for Sarvis’ statement that “I accept that the scientific consensus on climate change is that the Earth is warming and that human activity plays a role”) or energy/environmental policy {UPDATE: see here for Sarvis’ belief that “Approaches that put a price on carbon-dioxide/methane/etc. emissions make more sense, so that markets can determine how to economize most efficiently.”}, or about a lot of other issues for that matter, on his website. It will be interesting to learn more in coming weeks/months.

In the end, the bottom line is that any Republican who finds the Cuccinelli/Jackson/Obenshain ticket far too extreme on social issues (which they are, big time!), with the added bonus of being corrupt (in Cuccinelli’s case, at least), but can’t get themselves to vote for a Democrat, might want to seriously consider casting their gubernatorial ballots instead for Libertarian Robert Sarvis. Thoughts?

  • demomatic

    I have no problem with Sarvis peeling off dopey GOP voters- unfortunately Sarvis is part of the Koch-GMU-Mercatus industrial complex, so I have no respect for him personally. Just another megacapitalist/libertarian stooge . . .

  • pvogel

    Sarvis  want  to legalize  not only hemp and thc   pot,  but   cocqine, heorin,   and any other   substance  that is developed.too bad we cant    take his pinky finger and graft it onto     Terrys     hand.   With kooch,   I wanna see him buried this november.     I am dusting off my broom, cause I think we are going to sweep

  • guylombardo

    It’s too bad Terry McAuliffe is not really for Marriage Equality.  Looks like I will be voting for Sarvis.

    Anyone who votes for Terry McAuliffe is AGAINST MARRIAGE EQUALITY.  It is really that simple.

    While McAuliffe praised the decision by the Supreme Court on DOMA (see his Facebook page), he specifically stated on the campaign trail that he would not work to repeal Virginia’s Marriage Amendment during his tenure as Governor.  And on his web site there is no mention of Marriage Equality. Nothing is written into his platform about Marriage Equality. And he has stated numerous times in the past that “…Same Sex Marriage goes against my faith…”

    You guys are being duped.  But hey.  That’s nothing new, is it?