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Photos. Sen. Tim Kaine Visits Virginia Troops in Afghanistan for Independence Day


How are you spending your Fourth of July? In Senator Tim Kaine’s case, he decided to traveled to Kabul, Afghanistan, in order to visit with Virginia troops serving our country there. Kaine’s stop in Afghanistan is part of a weeklong visit to the region. Safe travels to Sen. Kaine (see photos below – click to “embiggen”)!

  • As we celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s independence, it’s worth remembering those powerful words written by Virginian Thomas Jefferson: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”

    On July 4, 1776, those famous words became the North Star in our nation’s political and moral firmament. They’re always there to guide us. We’ve often gone astray, but there are also pivotal moments when we reconnect with equality as America’s foundational value.

    Last week gave us two of these pivotal moments. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court, by striking down the discriminatory DOMA law, held that equality means equality for all. On Thursday, the Senate passed by an overwhelming margin a comprehensive reform of the nation’s immigration laws, affirming that we will continue to be a nation that welcomes people from around the world to make their futures here.

    But there is more work to do. Senate passage of immigration reform must be followed by success in the House as well. So many had waited so long for this moment–particularly the young Dreamers who have never known a home other than America. We must fight to ensure that this bill becomes law.

    And we have to do more to ensure equality for LGBT Americans. That’s why I’m a proud sponsor of the new Respect for Marriage Act that will make sure that the marriages of all are protected.

    This week also marks the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Lincoln came to Gettysburg a few months after the battle and boldly stated that our nation was “dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal” while also asking the assembled audience whether a nation dedicated to that proposition – equality –“can long endure.” We’ve answered Lincoln’s question–as all generations must–by affirming that we will endure so long as we steer by the ideal that has been at the heart of the American experiment since its very first day.

    Happy 4th of July,

    Tim Kaine