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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, July 26. Also, see President Obama speaking in Jacksonville about “rebuilding an economy that grows from the middle out, not the top down, which includes creating jobs by investing in our nation’s infrastructure” I couldn’t agree more. The LAST thing we should be doing is cutting crucial investment in our future; we should be massively increasing it instead!

*Justice Department to challenge states’ voting laws (“The decision to challenge state officials marks an aggressive effort to continue policing voting issues and is likely to spark a new round of politically contentious litigation that could return consideration of the 1965 Voting Rights Act to the high court.”)

*2 Va. lawmakers want to ditch congressional recess over budget (Agreed. Get the budget done, or NO VACATION!)

*Halliburton to admit destroying evidence in spill (Yes, these people are slime.)

*White House prepares for budget showdown with GOP (Do NOT give in to these hostage takers. The LAST thing we should be doing is cutting spending at this point. In fact, with interest rates so low, we should be borrowing heavily to invest in our infrastructure. It’s essential anyway, and it’s only going to be more expensive to do so in the future…)

*Christie goes after libertarians – hard (“N.J. governor offers broadside against Republicans drifting toward a libertarian view on foreign policy.” Fascinating.)

*Sen. Kaine visits Guantanamo Bay (This thing’s a disgrace, should have been shut down a long time ago.)

*George Zimmerman Juror Says He ‘Got Away With Murder’ (Gee, ya think?!? Just like OJ Simpson got away with murder, so did George Zimmerman. In the former case, though, it was in large part the jury’s fault. In this case, it was the Florida state legislature’s fault, as well as the prosecution team’s.)

*A missed opportunity (“The governor’s apology isn’t enough to show remorse for gifts he took from a businessman involved in a tax dispute” Nope, not even close to being enough. Bob doesn’t get it.)

*McDonnell giving no thought to resignation

*Obenshain shies away from social issues, seeks to offer “inclusive message” (Riiiight, after a career as a social warrior, and after calling Ken Cuccinelli a role model for being Attorney General, Obenshain’s suddenly now changed his stripes when he’s running for AG? How stupid and gullible does Obenshain think we are?)

*Cuccinelli Attempting to Link McAuliffe to Visa Scandal (Why does the media insist on labeling things “scandals” before it’s even a “scandal?” Like the phony IRS and Benghazi “scandals,” for instance? So much for unbiased, “objective” reporting. But then again, we knew that…)

*Eco-friendly delegate fined for bulkhead with no permit (“Appearing before the Virginia Marine Resources Commission this week in Newport News, Morrissey was fined $1,000 for building a bulkhead along the James River without obtaining a wetlands permit.” Don’t you love hypocrites?)

*Bob Goodlatte on Steve King: ‘Not helpful’ (Right, but…how do King’s views on immigration policy substantively differ from Goodlatte’s?)

*Conservation group buys 443 acres of forest, swamp

*Recycle, reuse, tax? Norfolk tries to get handle on plastic bags

*Virginia authorities probe threats to AG Cuccinelli (That’s NEVER acceptable. Period.)

*Va. woman dies in Spanish train crash

*Lovely day before humidity returns

*For Washington Nationals this season, maybe a walk-off is a good idea

  • See here:

    The Republican attempt to nullify the last election and engage in unprecedented sabotage of a law for universal healthcare intensified today. It seems we effectively have no politics in this country right now – just political warfare, in which one party refuses to accept the legitimacy of election results. I once thought it would get worse before it got better, but it seems there is no bottom to the Republican spiral. It just gets worse and worse. There’s partisanship and then … there’s this derangement.

    The moderate pundit, Norm Ornstein put it best; Obama’s attempt to lay out what he’d like to accomplish if we had a working political system was an attempt to frame the looming battle. I should realize this by now, but the current GOP clearly believes it is the only legitimate governing party in the US and its response to a loss is to intensify its rage. They never forgave Clinton for being re-elected; and the idea they’d let a black president leave a legacy behind is obviously inconceivable to them. And yes, that’s calling them irrational and not a little racist. But how else do you explain people who are actively attempting to persuade young adults not to get health insurance?

    I’m trying to understand where the motivation comes from to actively keep people vulnerable to catastrophic debt and untreated illness. I couldn’t do that morally for my own interns. And yet here is a party seeking to ensure that young people are denied basic healthcare. I keep re-reading that sentence and trying to qualify it or make it less repellent to anyone with a conscience; but I cannot. I try to see how this fits with conservative principles of personal responsibility, but it doesn’t. It’s a campaign to persuade people to have less personal responsibility, to free-load on others, and at massive expense to everyone else.  It’s a rejection of a decade of conservative thought on the issue. Which is why nihilism and vandalism are the only words I can come up with to describe these fanatics and haters.

  • I have mixed feelings about this, but my general view towards foreign policy most definitely not isolationalist in any way, shape or form (let alone the Pauls’ – Ron, Rand and their followers – kooky, tinfoil hat conspiracy theories). My mixed feelings stem from my strong belief in protecting our civil liberties and freedoms, while also maintaining security and preventing terrorist attacks like on 9/11. In addition, I believe the U.S. benefits from being engaged constructively with the rest of the world, in working with other nations to establish international law and order, and in ultimately having the power – military, economic, political, diplomatic, moral – to protect our interests and our friends in the world, as well as to deal with the myriad transnational issues (e.g., climate change, terrorism, human rights) that our out there. Clearly, that is NOT a “libertarian” foreign policy worldview. On the other hand, the Bush and Cheney approach, particularly in the first few years after 9/11, isn’t the answer either.

  • MorrisMeyer

    I saw this post on Sullivan’s site this morning, along with Ornstein’s article a day ago.  

    Many years ago Newt Gingrich and Frank Luntz tried to come up with as many scurrilous words to describe the Democrats in Congress as the could for their 1994 assault on Congress.  Completely bogus of course – but useful for their purposes to vector and foment hatred among the disenfranchised.

    I think at one level – America needs a lot of rebuilding – in both infrastructure and in polity.  Clean energy projects like solar on churches and schools are one example of an opportunity for apolitical community organizing.  Folks are tired of politicians talking past each other, and it seems like there is a need for coming together at any level and advancing progress.

    Politically though, it is incumbent to do the sort of vocabulary exercise to label the near-anarchist monkey wrenching that the GOP is pushing.

  • Love it – take that, you nasty, whiny little misogynistic troll Mitch McConnell! Go Alison!