Rightwing Group Rips “losing” Cucc Campaign; Cites its “backward view of a woman’s role in society”


    You don’t expect something like this from a conservative, Republican-funded group, but check out what their spokesperson has to say about the Cuccinelli for Governor campaign.

    None of [The Hillary Project’s Christopher M.] Marston’s other clients gave a damn. We’re not a Republican group and everyone who matters knows that Marston is just a compliance vendor – nothing more. But, one struggling campaign flipped out. The Ken Cuccinelli for Governor staff pushed Marston to choose between us and them since they thought that it could become another example of Cuccinelli’s backward view of a woman’s role in society. They are facing an uphill battle in Virginia, and like all losing campaigns, they are grasping at straws and chasing ghosts.

    Wow, that’s not something you see every day. Also: OUCH! The truth hurts, especially when it comes from someone on your own “team.”

    P.S. For more background on Marston (including his comment on Blue Virginia) and “The Hillary Project,” see here.

    P.P.S. If even the “Slap Hillary” people think Cuccinelli’s view of women is “backward,” what does THAT say about him?

    • Tom

      Technically, the forum tomorrow at the Hylton Center on the GMU Prince William campus isn’t a debate since the format is for the chamber of commerce sponsors’ panel to ask the questions. But according to the online registration info., each candidate is allowed to make an opening statement and of course each will have some opportunity to make their standard campaign pitch in the course of answering the panelists’ questions.

      We’re expecting a large Prince William County Democratic Committee and non-committee democratic candidate supporter turnout, as well as a large democratic supporter turnout from surrounding counties.

      I think at least one local TV station is among the media sponsors, so I’m assuming they will have a TV crew to record at least some of the Q&A, and maybe even interview attendees before/after the event.

      Bottom line question: Will BV attend and if so will you interview attendees ? I’d have to believe that WaPo will also be there and I’d expect them to interview some of us as well.

      You can scoop the WaPo right now if you advertise this event on BV. There’s not a word about this event that I could find anywhere on the Post web site, most of their stuff today is about yesterday’s “old news” that they sold the WaPo to Bezo.

      This will be the only “debate” in PWC before the Nov. election so we need some coverage from BV. We believe that Terry will carry PWC by a significant margin if we do our work well, and the down-ballot effect should help Atif and in his race against Marshall and other PWC HoD candidates as well as a result of tomorrow’s event.

      Hope to see many BV and Brigades folks as possible to fill the seats at the Hylton Center tomorrow.

                       Tom Counts, PWCDC member

      (There, I did it. I’ve finally identified myself for the few of you regular BV contributors who hadn’t already figured out who I am).

    • From the DPVA:

      Even as Virginia editorial boards criticize him for sitting on $18,000 in tainted gifts from Star Scientific and CEO Jonnie Williams, Ken Cuccinelli continues to refuse to follow Governor McDonnell’s lead and return the value of the free items and trips he received.

      That may not be a surprise, given his history. In 2010 Cuccinelli held out against public condemnation for more than two months before finally relenting and donating $55,500 in campaign cash from scam U.S Navy Vets charity founder Bobby Thompson.

      Thompson scammed $2 million from Virginians who thought they were supporting veterans, but Cuccinelli never got around to bringing the fraudster who contributed so heavily to his campaign to justice. That too mirrors the delicate treatment Williams got from Cuccinelli as the CEO’s $1.7 million tax lawsuit sat in limbo in the Attorney General’s office for nearly two years before Cuccinelli was forced to recuse himself under public pressure.

      Ken Cuccinelli’s pattern of taking money or gifts from patrons who have business in front of his office and then putting those financial patrons’ interests ahead of what’s best for Virginia doesn’t stop there.

      Southwest Virginia landowners trying to secure the tens of millions of dollars in mining royalties owed to them by out-of-state gas companies may have expected their Attorney General to fight for them. Unfortunately, his office was actively assisting the companies, one of which is a subsidiary of Consol Energy, which has given Cuccinelli’s campaign more than $110,000.

      Ken Cuccinelli is hoping he can sit on his $18,000 in Star Scientific scandal gifts until this controversy goes away – but too many Virginians have seen this story from their Attorney General before. Instead of stonewalling and making feeble excuses for why his patrons received such favorable treatment, Cuccinelli should return the gifts and apologize for putting his own interests ahead of Virginia families.