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Video: Ken Cuccinelli Dodges 76-Year-Old Southwest VA Landowner’s CONSOL Questions


According to the video description, “Ken Cuccinelli spins and passes the blame when addressing the investigation surrounding his office and its involvement with an out-of-state energy company.” Also, the 76-year-old landowner “traveled five hours to make the 7 a.m. event” to ask her question, only to have Cuccinelli dodge and lie (e.g., that the gas companies – CONSOL, for instance – somehow were unhappy with him; then why have they donated thousands of dollars to his campaign?). #FAIL all around by “Corrupt Ken” (most definitely not “Frugal Ken,” as he ridiculously calls himself) CONSOLnelli!

  • Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign released the following statement in response to Ken Cuccinelli’s misleading new ad attempting to distract voters from his scandal plagued tenure in office:

    “For an ad called ‘Facts,’ it omits quite a few about how Ken Cuccinelli accepted and then failed to report thousands of dollars in gifts, trips, and a $1,500 turkey dinner from Star Scientific and its CEO Jonnie Williams while their tax bill sat unpaid,” said McAuliffe spokesperson Josh Schwerin.  “Between his involvement in this major gifts scandal and the Inspector General’s investigation of his office for helping out-of-state-energy companies over Virginia landowners, Ken Cuccinelli can’t hide the facts about his record of putting his own interests first.”


    Cuccinelli’s Office Under Investigation by the Inspector General for Help to Two Energy Companies in Gas Royalty Dispute. “Virginia’s inspector general is investigating whether one of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s assistants improperly offered legal advice to two energy companies, including a subsidiary of a corporation that has donated more than $100,000 to Cuccinelli’s gubernatorial campaign.” [AP, 8/13/13]

    Gifts Cuccinelli Initially Forgot to Disclose from Williams included Trip to New York, Lake House Vacation and a $1,500 Thanksgiving Dinner  “The unreported gifts from Williams were a $628 flight to New York in 2009; a catered, $1,500 Thanksgiving dinner and stay for Cuccinelli’s family at Williams’ home in Smith Mountain Lake in 2010; and use of the lake house for a summer vacation valued at $3,000 in 2012. The amended disclosures – dated Friday and signed by the attorney general – raise the total in gifts Cuccinelli has received from Williams and Star Scientific since 2009 to more than $18,000.” [Richmond Times Dispatch, 4/27/13]