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Video: New McAuliffe Ad Highlights Cuccinelli’s Star Scientific Gifts Scandal


From the McAuliffe campaign:

New McAuliffe Ad Highlights Cuccinelli’s Star Scientific Gifts Scandal

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign released a new television ad today highlighting Ken Cuccinelli’s refusal to follow Governor McDonnell’s example and return the $18,000 in gifts he received from Star Scientific and its CEO Jonnie Williams.  The ad, “Gifts,” features a small sampling of news reports from around Virginia reporting on Cuccinelli’s ongoing scandal.  

“First Ken Cuccinelli failed to report thousands of dollars in gifts, and claimed that he had simply forgotten about a $1,500 turkey dinner.  Now he continues to refuse to return the thousands of dollars in scandal-tainted gifts that he received from Jonnie Williams and Star Scientific,” said McAuliffe spokesperson Josh Schwerin.  “Voters deserve to know about Ken Cuccinelli’s role in one of the worst political scandals in Virginia history, a role that is still playing out before our eyes on a daily basis.”

  • Right-wing Virginia radio host John Fredericks calls on Bob McDonnell to resign.

    Conservative radio talk show host John Fredericks called on Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell to resign this morning. “I have been an unabashed defender of the Governor and the First Lady throughout this ordeal,” Fredericks said during an interview with noted blogger Ben Tribett of NotLarrySabato.com on his morning radio show on WHKT AM 1650 in Hampton Roads on Monday. “But the latest revelations of Star Scientific stock purchases and sales and repurchase shenanigans by Maureen McDonell to avoid Virginia’s only safeguard – financial disclosures- is a trampling and mocking of the public trust. The legality of these financial moves is moot. It’s about trust — and I believe the McDonnell’s have now given that away.”

    Fredericks also said he was distressed by the Governor’s “slick” communication team throwing his wife under the train.

    “The concept — and claim — that Bob McDonnell did not know what his wife was doing with tens of thousands of dollars is laughable and intellectually disengenous,” Fredericks added. “This is not the Clinton’s. The McDonnell’s are not wealthy, they are a family with five kids of limited means. The Governor spent his adult life focused on public serivce, not building wealth. More to the point, they are inseparable and very close. To think that Bob did not know what Maureen was spending $30,000 on when he’s borrowing money to save to real estate firm is just not a credible defense. You can’t slip a piece of paper between the two when they are together.”

  • Bumble Bee

    Still waiting for ” Bob’s for Jobs ” to do the perp walk. Hope it won’t be too much longer.