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As His Allies Prepare Damaging Shutdown, Cuccinelli is No Friend to Federal Workers Either


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

Ken Cuccinelli’s Tea Party Republican allies in congress are on the verge of holding the federal government hostage to their extreme ideological agenda. If they succeed in shutting down the government, Virginia families, particularly those who work in or with the federal government, will feel the brunt of the impact.

Given his record and rhetoric, Ken Cuccinelli may be one of the few Virginians who thinks that’s a good thing.

Click here to watch video of Cuccinelli demonizing federal workers, not for being hard working people who want the best for their families, but as Democratic invaders who ruined his party’s prospects in the state’s most populous region.

That vicious rhetoric isn’t Cuccinelli’s only attack on federal workers who contribute to our economy and serve people across this country. Below is more background information on Cuccinelli’s attacks on federal workers who stand to suffer from his allies’ efforts to shut down the federal government over their extreme ideology. 

  • YelowDawg

    to federal, state, local government employees.

    These folks are among the takers! The GOP does not want any of you or the services you provide. No street repair, no food safety, no clean water, no police protection, etc. Apparently you do not buy homes, cars, groceries or any other goods and services to drive the economy!

    I must say that I do appreciate the work you do for me and I am happy to pay taxes to get that work accomplished. Thank you to all government employees! I’m sorry that you are being treated like pawns in this political game.