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Gov. Bob McDonnell says it’s “absolutely wrong” to threaten government shutdown over “Obamacare”


Gov. McDonnell is absolutely correct. The problem is, the Teahadists running his party – people like Eric Can’tor and of course Ken Cuccinelli – aren’t listening.

UPDATE: The McAuliffe campaign says “Ken Cuccinelli needs to follow Governor McDonnell’s lead and tell his Tea Party friends that using the threat of government shutdown as a bargaining chip is dangerous and wrong…Instead of rolling out the red carpet for Senator Ted Cruz, Ken Cuccinelli needs to put aside his ideological agenda and finally do what’s right for the Commonwealth.”

  • Jim B

    There are probably too many so called essential govt jobs to affect all those old farts who vote republican to be bothered by the shutdown. Doubt that many living in Eric Cantors district will care. If they did he would be voted out next election. Unfortunately that is not going to happen.

  • Andy Schmookler

    One might be sorry for Ken Cuccinelli, to be dragged down by the reckless, anti-democratic, extortionist antics of the GOP House, at a time when he’s on the home stretch of a campaign to be elected governor of Virginia.  If Ken Cuccinelli were the kind of Republican that once made the GOP a respectable party.

    Except we know that if Ken Cuccinelli is precisely the kind of Republican whose nihilism, whose insistence on ramming their desires down the throat of the American Democracy, is driving us toward these unnecessary disasters.

    Likewise, one might be sorry for Ken Cuccinelli, to be dragged down by an incumbent Republican governor who’s up to his ears in a corruption scandal. That is, one might be if Cuccinelli were not stained with precisely the same scandalous dealings with con men and corporate interests working against the people of Virginia.

    As it is, however much these developments drag down Virginia’s ambitious Attorney General, there’s no reason for pity.  It’s justice.


    ~ On Senate vote to stop a potential federal government shutdown at midnight ~

    WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-VA) issued this statement following today’s 54-46 Senate vote on an interim spending proposal that would prevent a federal government shutdown at midnight:

    “It is disappointing that the House majority is prepared to shut down the federal government in its continuing ideological opposition to the Affordable Care Act. This is not a responsible way to conduct our nation’s business. It threatens the economic recovery. It also is not fair to target the federal workforce to bear the brunt of this dysfunction. The Senate has now sent a clean interim spending measure to the House twice – a measure which already reflects compromise between the Senate and House spending plans. The House leadership should allow members to cast an up-or-down vote.”


  • Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign released the following statement on Ken Cuccinelli’s refusal to condemn his Tea Party allies’ extreme efforts to shutdown the government to advance their ideological agenda.

    “As our nation is on the brink, Ken Cuccinelli silence has made it clear that he fully supports his extreme Tea Party allies’ efforts to shutdown the government in an effort to advance their own ideological agenda,” said McAuliffe spokesperson Josh Schwerin. “If Ken Cuccinelli really cared about Virginia’s economic future and what’s best for the Commonwealth, he would condemn his extreme Republican allies’ efforts to shutdown the government over health care and cancel his fundraiser this week with Ted Cruz, the architect of the shutdown. Responsible leaders in Virginia from both parties oppose this government shutdown but Ken Cuccinelli has shown that his approach is not responsible and completely lacking leadership.”

  • Ron

    Rigell was interviewed on CNN — and after voting the rule (along with every other supposed moderate R except for King (NY) and Dent (PA)), he is now on record (amazingly) as preferring that a government shutdown happen rather than pass a clean CR.

    These votes should absolutely put VA-2 and VA-10 in play, and possibly VA-4 and VA-1.

    This is outrageous. Folks in Wolf and Rigell’s districts should be lighting up the phone lines and letting them have it.