How Syria Debate Will End: DC Media Ignoring That Everyone Blames GOP


    (via McCain playing poker on his iPhone)Here's my prediction for what will happen in the next month:

    1. Congressional Republicans, despite loving bombing brown people back to the 19th century whenever they get the chance, will block President Obama's Syria resolution purely for political purposes
    2. This will be reported by the Beltway media as OBAMA LOSES HUGETIME YOU GUYS WILL HE EVER RECOVER NEVER LAME DUCK!
    3. A couple of weeks later, a poll will show the American people blame Congressional Republicans for the debacle
    4. The Beltway media will read the poll, put it down carefully, and slowly back away from the wreckage like Carl the Greenskeeper at the end of Caddyshack
    5. Congressional Republicans will go back to trying to wreck the economy and the Beltway media will go back to talking about how every possible outcome is a loss for Obama

    I would bet 10,000 Mitt Romney dollars on it.

    • Also, Republicans will never admit that if Ronald Reagan had been in the White House, they’d be jumping up and down rushing to vote YES YES YES on using military force anytime, anywhere.  And if this were the George W. Bush administration, they’d be accusing anyone who disagreed with them on using military force anytime, anywhere of being a TRAITOR. Of course, in Obama’s case, he’s a TRAITOR if he wants to use military force (because that proves he “hates America”), a traitor if he does NOT want to use military force (because, magically, that ALSO proves he “hates America”), and a TRAITOR…just because he’s a “black” “Muslim” “foreigner” “socialist” in the White House (note: he’s actually half black/half white, Christian, 100% American, and a moderate/centrist on economic and foreign policy in the mold of Eisenhower, Nixon, and even 1990s Republicans like Bob Dole).

    • issue. From the Washington Post:

      DaDuZi 4:11 PM EDT

      This is what I dislike about Cuccinelli – it’s not that he’s a conservative (I am too), but he is such an ambitious self-promoter that he completely ignores the distinction between federal and state issues when it suits him. As AG, he was out fighting Obamacare and climate change, as if those issues were somehow on his plate as a state AG. Now he he is weighing in on Syria. This is about as sensible as when places like Cambridge, MA or Tacoma Park adopt a stand against nuclear weapons, or declare their support for or opposition to this or that foreign country. It is a silly waste of time when local leftists fancy themselves international statesmen, and it is equally silly when righties do it. McAuliffe, for once, is right not to get involved.