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Video – Too Extreme: Cuccinelli & the so-called “Fathers’ Rights” movement


Wow, check out this Stephen Baskerville “fathers’ rights” freak. This guy is seriously scary (and off-the-deep-end extreme)…watch the video and I think you’ll agree. And just remember, this is a group that Ken Cuccinelli is in close sync with. Shuddderrrrrr.

  • “Ken Cuccinelli’s desperate and dishonest campaign has reached a new low when they tricked workers into appearing in a false negative television spot. Now we know why Cuccinelli refused to release his shameful, false television ad to the press. Ken Cuccinelli should immediately remove this ad from the air and apologize to the workers his campaign lied to.” – Josh Schwerin, Press Secretary, McAuliffe for Governor

  • dannyocean

    As a resident deep in SWVA, I am actually beginning to become disgusted by McAuliffe consistently bringing this up as an attack.

    Let me say, I get it. I get the point of showing the level of corruption Cuccinelli has shown throughout his political career.

    But my level of disgust comes solely from the fact that while McAuliffe has been quick to use this as an attack, his campaign has essentially ignored that Southwest Virginia has even existed otherwise.

    To this point in the campaign, McAuliffe’s entire campaign has yet to make a personal stop farther than Blacksburg and Roanoke. The campaign was kind enough to send down Ted Strickland and Philip Puckett last month for a visit to Bristol.

    I actually got to meet with a representative from the campaign last month. The young man was kind enough to come to a county meeting for the Democratic Party. The young man was asked about phone banks and yard signs, because literally none have been made available.

    His response? “We don’t have any phone banks planned, and we are going to try to get you all about 50 signs sometime in October.”

    An entire county. Fifty signs. A month before the election.

    Now of course, someone may be quick to say that’s petty to talk about a yard sign. But it’s to a larger point of the lack of respect and attention this region of the state has been shown by a STATE campaign.

    The state does not end at with the last brick on the Virginia Tech campus.

    Granted there is no way in hell I will even consider a vote for Cuccinelli. But to this point, I have yet to even be given a hint that the McAuliffe campaign is concerned about my vote, or any vote from a Southewest Virginia Democrat.