Voter suppression in Virginia? Has your registration been cancelled??


    Everyone needs to read this diary on Daily Kos.…

    Here are the opening paragraphs:

    Wednesday I got a “Voter Registration Cancellation Notice” from the county registrar:

    “This office has determined that you are no longer entitled to be registered to vote in the Commonwealth of Virginia because you have moved to another state.” Which was news to me.

    So I called the county Registrar. Explained that I was still here, and asked why they thought I’d moved. She explains that Virginia has been cross matching voter lists with other states, and found that I was registered in SC. In 2009. Apparently that was the latest list they could get from SC, so they went with it. (I moved to VA in 2012.)

    I explain this, and she agrees to send me another form so that I can re-register. Then she says that the State Government in Richmond generated a list of 350,000 voters supposedly registered in other states (at some time or another), and that they broke this list down by counties and sent them out to the county Registrars with instructions to remove anyone on the list. Those voters will have to call in and plead to be re-registered – if they can convince the Registrar to do so.

    Has anyone else encountered this situation?

    As best I can tell there has been NO publicity about this and I’m concerned that people receiving these notices will not know what to do.

    • ir003436

      Go to this website to check your Virginia voter registration:


      According to this official Viginia, I am NOT registered but my wife is.  However, I’m an election official in our county where I’m the chief official at one polling place!!

    • quetzalmom

      that voter records from 2009 were used to disenfranchise you. Four freaking years? A lot can happen to anyone in four years.

    • totallynext

      At least in fairfax county, we have democratic representatives on the BOE, at the very least there should be a public posting on the date of the list from each jurisdiction that they based the purge on.

      This is far above a “cleaning up of inactive voters,it is disenfranchising voters that have recently register in the commonwealth, based on out dated list from other jurisdictions.

      I would like to se.e our general assembly and dem candidates delve into the data behind the purge, make it public for using outdated list and give individuals a chance to be reinstated if it was an error based on bad list

      Candidates AG Herring for one should look into this.

    • hereinva

      Since its up to local registrars offices to mail out letters…not all registrars mail out at the same time. So perhaps more on the way.

      Wonder what % are students(?!) and are there any special markers on the envelope to flag recipients of content: i.e. “important voter registration notice”?

      Stay tuned.

    • rodentrancher

      Author of the original DK diary here. I didn’t realize this link had been posted, and just got around to registering here and posting a edited-for-clarity version on this site.

      My apologies for duplication. Not familiar with etiquette here – would it be best if I took down my posting on this site?

    • DL83

      Call 866-OUR-VOTE to report it in.  Non-partisan voter protection coalition of hundreds of organizations.