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2013 Democratic Candidate Campaign Trail Roundup


(Photo note: Sen. Mark Herring, our candidate for Attorney General)

It’s a busy weekend for Democrats. At the national level there is appropriate consternation over the intransigence of the GOP TeaPublicans trying to extort the President of the US and the US Congress on behalf of the Koch Brothers. This tweet from Democratic Whip, Steny Hoyer, sums it up:

Steny Hoyer ‏@WhipHoyer 7m

I joined Democratic leaders in calling for GOP to allow a vote to reopen govt, then go to conference on budget http://1.usa.gov/16pNtdJ

Our statewide candidates are out in force this weekend growing their support network and building the foundation for November GOTV. GOTV will be everything on Nov 4th…as evidence by NotLarrySabato’s diaries about inner and outer NOVA. They can be read here and here and show Ben’s insights regarding the way the races are shaping up. As just one extremely important example, Jennifer Boysko’s race will rise or fall depending upon the help Democrats give her  between now and Nov 4th AND GOTV.  

Terry McAuliffe has been ubiquitous around the state this week. At weeks end…Terry tweeted:

Hampton Roads mayors — Democrats and Republicans — have a new ad backing my plan for Virginia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… … #VAGov

It’s a football weekend in Blacksburg (Go, Hokies!) and a great time to meet voters. Terry was there yesterday with James Harder and Michael Abraham, both candidates for the HoD, running against Tea Publicans Joseph Yost and Nick Rush respectively.

Glad delegate candidates Michael Abraham & James Harder (@Harder4theHouse) joined us in Blacksburg! #VAGov pic.twitter.com/SwaXEhsSbE

Both have tough races in heavily gerrymandered districts. Reading between the lines, Terry thinks these are important races and so do we. Staffing up their volunteer ranks and a huge GOTV are critical.Montgomery County (VA) Democrats said this:

We had a great time hearing form Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe at the combined Campaign HW in Blacksburg. Terry even got a few lessons in how to make a Hokie VT and a few sorority hand signs from the VT YD’s

Terry started the day today this way:

Terry McAuliffe ‏@TerryMcAuliffe 5h

#TeamTerry starting the morning off right in Westmoreland! #VAGov pic.twitter.com/tU0FYX7WLJ

Meanwhile his opponent, the Cooch, has “T-rouble that’s spelled with T. That stands for Ted.” Palling around with the most despised man in Congress, now that’s the ticket (for something). Yeh, Ken, we know it’s not a campaign event. Heh.

The Democratic Governors Association summarized  the Cruz event:  

Retweeted Democratic Governors (@DemGovs):

How Ken Cuccinelli’s fundraiser with Ted Cruz tonight is proving problematic for the wannabe Tea Party governor http://t.co/4g1rXfmtel

Ralph Northam Ralph Northam announced a meet and greet in Blacksburg on October 11th.

Hokies Meet & Greet with Ralph Northam

11 October at 15:30

PK’s Bar & Grill in Blacksburg, Virginia

He’s been busy shining a light on the extreme, homophobic, intolerant, theocratic and crazy statement by his opponent.

Democratic candidate for AG, Mark Herring, spend Friday night in Fredericksburg where he posted this: “What a great turnout for our event tonight in Fredericksburg. Honored to be introduced by my good friend Senator Edd Houck.” Saturday in Richmond Senator Herring wrote about attending a street festival in Richmond.

Watch for more coverage as we learn about the visit by the infamous Ted Cruz at the non-campaign event 🙂 and, of course campaign news as it occurs.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Terry McAuliffe was in Roanoke briefly yesterday. He visited the market area downtown, accompanied by the Mayor, David Bowers.

  • ConsDemo

    Keep up the good work!

  • From the DPVA:

    While Cuccinelli refused to publicly speak out against Ted Cruz’s shutdown of the government tonight, his staff has come up with a creative solution. An unnamed Cuccinelli campaign “source” claimed tonight that their candidate had a secret meeting with Cruz where he urged an end to the shutdown.

    “In an acknowledgment that Cuccinelli’s Tea Party agenda is hurting him with Virginia voters, the Cuccinelli campaign tonight fabricated a ‘secret meeting’ with Ted Cruz to cover for their candidate,” said DPVA spokesman Brian Coy. “The truth is that Cuccinelli tonight refused to speak out against Cruz’s shutdown that has hurt Virginia’s economy. Tonight, Cuccinelli proved that his Tea Party ideology is more important than Virginia’s economy.”


  • From the McAuliffe campaign:

    Markus Schmidt @MSchmidtRTD: In his remarks at @TFFVA gala, @KenCuccinelli makes no mention of @SenTedCruz, the keynote speaker. #vagov #shutdown [Twitter]

    James Hohmann @jameshohmann: Guy introducing Cruz says many think he’s the most powerful man in Washington – more so than Obama. Praises him for shutting down the govt. [Twitter]

    James Hohmann @jameshohmann: Ted Cruz just started heaping praise on Cuccinelli, calling him his “friend” several times. Said he’s smart, principled & fierce. [Twitter]

    Peter Hamby @PeterHambyCNN: Cruz: “Let me just say for a second how proud I am of my friend Ken Cuccinelli. He is smart, he is principled and he is fearless.” [Twitter]