Cantor Destroys Representative Democracy


    Late at night on September 30, Republicans on the House Rules Committee changed the standing rules of the House so that the only member allowed to call up the Senate’s clean government funding bill for a vote was Eric Cantor or whoever he designated to do so. That rule pretty much guaranteed that the government would shut down with no recourse for any other duly elected member to call for a vote.

    Before the Republicans on that committee took away representative democracy, under the standing rules of the House (Rule 22, section 4) any member could have called for a vote to amend the House version and thus pass the Senate clean CR that had been sent to the House. Representative democracy was eliminated so that the Tea Party and “Cruzite crazies” could force a government shutdown. So, as of September 30, Cantor, or anyone he anoints, has control over the entire House. Other members are subject to his whims. Meanwhile, Virginia is the #1 state harmed by the government shutdown, a shutdown induced by the insanity gripping House Republicans, aided and abetted by Cantor.  

    • Jim B

      Without Tom Delay doubt that Cantor would have been in charge of anything. Delay was looking for money when Cantor was given job as whip. Cantor has had no real opposition and collects piles of money that he can give to the other crazies in his party.

    • totallynext

      Cantors local offices…. – get some Virginia news out of this stupidity

    • hereinva

      Folks in Page and Rappahannock Counties (Cantors District) are reeling from the non attendance in the Shenandoah National Park..story in yesterdays Free Lance Star :

      Signs over major Highways: I-95 & I-64..

    • EliMom

      It would be interesting to know how Cantor hedges his bets in the stock market, using this rule change.