Close Cuccinelli Ally: “Screw the stock market” and Shut Down Government!


    Mark Levin is the same rightwing hate radio host who headlined a rally with Ken Cuccinelli a couple weeks ago in Sterling, Virginia. It was at that same rally that another close ally of Cuccinelli’s made an anti-Semitic joke. And no, despite erroneous corporate media reporting, Cuccinelli has NEVER “denounced” or “condemned” those remarks, just said they were “inappropriate” to be uttered in public and “unfortunate” (yeah, for him politically!). Anyway, we’ll see if Cuccinelli is willing to break with Levin on his “screw the stock market” comment, but I strongly doubt it, as Cuccinelli thinks exactly the same way as his Teahadist buddies.

    • on their Facebook pages about the shutdown.

      Cooch’s latest two Facebook posts: “Thank you to all the hardworking volunteers who were out at the annual Manassas Latino Festival helping to spread my positive message to Virginia voters!” and “Congrats to the Skins on picking up their first win. Better late than never.”

      Jackson: “Had a great time speaking with the Chesterfield GOP tonight!”

      Obenshain: “Great meeting local business owners and employees throughout Chesapeake this afternoon! Excellent to see such vibrant growth here under the leadership of my friend Mayor Alan Krasnoff.”

      Shows how much they care about Virginians being harmed by this Tea Party Republican shutdown of the federal government.


      WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tim Kaine released the following statement on his vote earlier today to reject the latest attempt by House Republicans to use the threat of keeping the government closed to delay a key part of the Affordable Care Act. A motion to table a request to go to conference on an interim spending measure to fund the government was agreed to by the Senate, 54-46.

      “House Republicans let the United States government shut down at midnight because they would not accept a compromise spending bill passed by the Senate last week to fund government until November 15 at the precise spending level proposed by the House.

      “After allowing the shutdown to occur, House Republicans decided to pass a motion seeking a conference between the two houses on government funding. The Senate has been seeking a budget conference since March 23 and has been blocked by Republicans 18 times in the last six months.  The House’s decision to finally seek a conference to discuss short-term budget issues after shutting government down shows a callous disregard for the economy and for millions of American families who are affected by the shutdown.

      “The House should act to re-open the federal government by accepting the compromise offered by the Senate. Otherwise they are responsible for keeping the government closed to make an ideological point over health care.”

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