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Ken Cuccinelli #FAILs Yet Again


Another day, another Ken Cuccinelli (aka, Ted Cruz’s best friend) #FAIL, as he continues to waste Virginian taxpayers’ money and the Attorney General office’s time on ridiculous lawsuites, not to mention providing endless fodder for late-night comedians. That’s our Cooch – worst Attorney General ever in the history of Virginia? Ugh.

UPDATE: Josh Israel of ThinkProgress weighs in, noting: “This is not Cuccinelli’s first high-profile legal defeat as attorney general. His legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act, his attempt to block EPA regulation of greenhouse gases, and his fishing expedition into a former University of Virginia climate scientist have all been defeated by the courts.” Bottom line: the guy’s not just corrupt and an extremist, he’s utterly incompetent at his job. Great combination, huh?

  • Good reminder that “chefgate,” CONSOL Energy, and Star Scientific/Jonnie Williams were NOT the first scandals involving Corrupt Ken Cuccinelli. Make sure you re-read Steven Shannon’s column laying out “a tremendously damning timeline that indicates Ken Cuccinelli’s proposal to move the Office of Consumer Affairs under the Attorney General’s office may have been timed at the same time he received his donations from Bobby Thompson of the U.S. Navy Vets.” Quid, meet Quo. Quo, meet Quid!

    As testimony begins today in the trial of veterans-charity scam artist Bobby Thompson – who contributed more than $50,000 to Ken Cuccinelli – Virginians may be wondering, when does Thompson’s trial begin in Virginia? The unfortunate answer is never, as the Attorney General failed to bring a case against Thompson for defrauding Virginians out of millions of dollars with his fraudulent Navy Vets Charity.

    Before he went on the lam, Thompson contributed to numerous Virginia politicians, but it seems he was especially partial towards Ken Cuccinelli. Thompson donated at least $55,000 to Cuccinelli’s campaign for attorney general, which Cuccinelli was forced to return after months of political pressure. Thompson now faces trial on felony theft and money-laundering charges in Ohio.

    In August 2013, the Richmond Times Dispatch editorial board stated the relationship between Cuccinelli and Thompson, as well as Cuccinelli’s scandals with Star Scientific and Consol Energy, “may suggest a level of coziness between the attorney general and his benefactors that does little good to the public, and that voters might find alarming. They also might wonder why Cuccinelli seems to take the long way around to the right decision.”

    This issue, along with Cuccinelli’s conflict of interest regarding the Star Scientific scandal raises more questions as to whether Cuccinelli has put his political motivations ahead of what is best for Virginians.

  • truthteller

    Add disability rights to the list of key SCOTUS issues Cuccinelli has lost on at the Supreme Court. The case was VOPA vs Stewart and Scalia wrote a decision laughing off the idea Cooch advocated that state institutions had sovereign immunity from lawsuits by VOPA which the GA had authorized to demand records and sue state agencies to investigate institutional abuse and neglect of people with disabilities.