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Sarvis Refuses to Answer Questions About His Far-Right-Wing Positions on the Issues; Lies Instead


So, the other day, I got into a Twitter exchange with Robert Sarvis over his positions on the issues. Note that these positions – right wing ones from energy and the environment to guns, education, health care, the budget, you name it – Sarvis tweeted, “too bad most if them are remarkably incorrect.” WTF? The positions are his OWN WORDS from his OWN WEBSITE and from his OWN RESPONSES to Project Vote Smart! So I tweeted back, “Uh, they’re from YOUR website & from the answers YOU gave to Project Vote Smart. If they’re incorrect, that’s on you.” Sarvis’ response was for me to send him an email with my questions and he’d respond.

Well, I did, and he hasn’t. But he HAS responded – sort of – on his Facebook page and his blog (see screen shot to the right; click to “embiggen”), with yet ANOTHER falsehood. Now, I’m not saying I would have any problem being a Ralph Northam operative – I do, after all, strongly support him over the nutjob extremist E.W. Jackson – but it’s just factually wrong to say I’m an Northam operative, as I’ve never worked for him in any capacity. But more to the point, why isn’t Sarvis just answering the questions? Here they are:

1. Do you support regulation of greenhouse gas emissions? How about a mandatory Renewable Portfolio Standard?

2. Do you support ANY limits to the amount of money Virginia politicians can receive from corporations, lobbyists, etc?

3. Do you support closing the “gun show loophole?” Do you support ANY restrictions on guns at all?

4. Do you favor “returning health-care regulation to the states?” Do you oppose Medicaid expansion?

5. Do you continue to support mandatory Voter ID? Do you believe there’s really widespread “voter fraud?”

6. How would your massive tax cuts, combined with your support for private school vouchers, NOT effectively defund public education in Virginia?

Perhaps because Sarvis knows that if he DID answer these questions honestly, that no Democrat and/or progressive and/or environmentalist in their right mind would ever vote for him? Hmmmm.

P.S. Also note that Sarvis works for the Mercatus Center, which a Washington Post columnist (correctly) called a “staunchly anti-regulatory center funded largely by Koch Industries Inc.” Also, Sourcewatch points out that Mercatus, in addition to being “founded and…funded by the Koch Family Foundations…also has ties to several prominent right-wing gropus, including the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).” Also of interest: “Fourteen of the 23 regulations that George W Bush put on his hitlist were, according to the Wall Street Journal, first suggested by academics working at the Mercatus Centre.” That’s who Robert Sarvis works for.

  • Ee gads.

    May 30, 2013

    Mr. David H. Koch

    Executive Vice President

    Koch Industries

    New York, NY 10065-8051

    Dear Mr. Koch:

    My name is John Vaught LaBeaume. I am the campaign manager for Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian nominee for Governor of Virginia…

    We wanted to reach out to you and express our view that Robert Sarvis is the candidate in this race that is more closely in line with your libertarian principles than is Mr. Cuccinelli.

    Robert Sarvis is the only candidate in the race for Governor of Virginia who can advocate effectively for personal and economic freedom. He is a lifelong libertarian, attended the Koch Summer Fellows program after college, and recently completed a Mercatus graduate fellowship and a master’s degree in economics.

    Note, again, that Mercatus is heavily funded by the Koch brothers.

  • I just got this via email. If anyone can figure out what on earth they’re babbling about, I’m all ears. Also note that they STILL don’t answer totally reasonable questions about THEIR POSITIONS (as stated on their website, etc.), and continue to falsely claim that I work for Ralph Northam. In fact, my Twitter profile clearly says that I consult to Mark Herring – that’s it. I guess all Dems are the same to the Sarvis/Koch folks.

    Hello, this is campaign manager of Sarvis campaign, and recent stuff is

    Your Northam association is on your Twitter bio.  We’re just tickled to see you feel you have to lecture to progressives and Dems like conservative movement types and GOP loyalists – and LaCivita – have been to their audiences about not voting for Robert Sarvis.

    It’s more confirmation that the Sarvis vision for a Virginia that’s BOTH “Open-minded AND Open for Business” is winning voters from across Virginia’s polarized divide, and in all demographics.

    We just don’t have time to get into a squabble with ideological media, especially with leading, litmus-test questions.

    We need to focus on the WINC FM/AM Winchester radio interview I just set up and WSLS Roanoke TV; outlets that reach real Virginia voters, not those already committed to another candidate.

    We haven’t humored Breitbart and similar outlets, either, on the other side of the spectrum who just want to goof on this serious, mainstream Libertarian campaign.

    We really have no interest in personalized, bitter squabbles, so best wishes with your site, and advising Northam, etc.

    In that vein, you’ll note I took a screencap and posted, so folks wouldn’t hassle you on twitter, or your blog, etc; no direct link to the tweet.