• From the DPVA:

    When 47 other state attorneys general signed a letter urging Congress to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, Ken Cuccinelli refused. Then, under political pressure he claimed it is his policy not to send such letters.

    And now, after days of equivocating over the government shutdown and refusing to denounce the extreme tactics of his Tea Party allies in Washington (including a Senator with whom he will campaign tomorrow), Cuccinelli suddenly has no issue firing off a letter.

    Unfortunately, that letter does not urge them to end the Republican shut down, it simply asks them to go without pay while they continue holding our economy hostage.

    Ken Cuccinelli’s career is defined by one principle: He only does what is best for his personal political agenda. It’s a real shame that gimmicky letters fit that criteria, but advocating for lifesaving resources to protect women from domestic violence doesn’t.