The Tea Party of old versus the Tea Party of today


    Whatever infantile world some so-called libertarians are living in, it’s clearly not the world that the rest of us are breathing in. According to one author, the furloughing of 800,000 federal government employees hasn’t caused a tangible disruption within our society. Another chestnut is the old Tea Party fallback quote, “Obama’s…just pure distilled Marxism.” Not only can a man not be a system of thought, President Obama’s policies have come nowhere near socialism, let alone Marxism.

    These common beliefs among the Tea Party base (i.e., government employees, on the whole, serve no critical function in our society and President Obama is a shady Marxist/socialist/communist (?)) have continued to be a distorted but nonetheless real set of beliefs that only increases in severity with each political move that President Obama makes. That is, President Obama can do no right in the eyes of some within the Tea Party movement.

    As such, it’s no longer acceptable for President Obama to negotiate with a group of individuals who would no sooner trust our nation’s elected president than they would Joseph Stalin, a group of individuals who would no sooner honor their commitments to a deal(s) reached with President Obama than they would with the Devil.

    Perhaps a big reason why we are even in an unnecessary situation of government shutting down is President Obama has handed this tiny group victories in the past, emboldening them to take ever more drastic steps. We’ll never know if this situation would have played out differently had President Obama held firm in the past.

    The point is not to place blame at President Obama’s doorstep, however. It is to argue that the Democratic Party’s bending position to the crazies of America has left the door open for the kinds of drastic political moves that the Republican Party in the House is taking. If the Tea Party wants their voice to be heard, they better mediate through the saner elements in their party and let them filter what is and isn’t appropriate.

    Government is about running the everyday affairs of society to ensure its longevity and prosperity, not to lay dynamite under its foundations and watch it crumble to pieces. The Tea Party of old was fighting a true monarch. The Tea Party of today is fighting a ghost manifested by its own fears of change and uncertainty. In an ironic twist, it is today’s Tea Party which is the real tyrant.  

    • worth highlighting include:

      *”[Obama’s] not a US citizen. Supports Terrorists.” (Evangelical man, Roanoke)

      *”I don’t believe [Obama]’s a Christian. He’s a tyrant.” (Evangelical man, Roanoke)

      *”[Obama] wants to fundamentally change the country” (Evangelical man, Roanoke)

      *”Abused…It’s too easy to get on it. People who can work won’t work, because they’re receiving too many government benefits, and it’s easier to stay home and cash in on the unemployment and the food stamps.” (Evangelical man, Roanoke)

      *”They eat better than I do.” (Evangelical man, Roanoke)

      *”That’s the whole problem with the whole unemployment and the food stamps: people have taken advantage of it…. Now… It’s a way of living. And that’s the problem.” (Evangelical man, Roanoke)

      *”I work at Sam’s Club…lady comes in all the time. All of them: first, fourth, seventh, ninth. “I’m tired of ribeye steaks. Where’s your lobster tails? Where’s your seafood?” And they’re putting it in an Escalade…It’s disgusting…it’s full of graft. It’s full of fraud. It’s full of abuse.” (Evangelical man, Roanoke)

      *”One of the things the Democrats have done is created a dependency class of loyal voters.” (Evangelical man, Roanoke)

      *”That’s why they want all the illegal aliens legalized.” (Evangelical man, Roanoke)

      *”Giving gay and lesbian citizens of the right to marry the person they love can seriously

      harm them, and seriously harm the children that they were raising. (Evangelical man, Roanoke)”

      *”For me you know our founders…we had to rise up and we had to defend ourselves and take over this country and who knows if that has to happen again sometime so I don’t want the government – the government already has enough knowledge and stuff about what’s going on in my life so if they want to take away all of our rights, I mean I just feel like we’re Nazi Germany or something.” (Tea Party woman, Roanoke)

    • va_lady2008

      TeaParty ought to be synonymous with “negotiating in bad faith” or more simply “liar.”

      If  the Democrats agree to negotiate, the demands will never stop.