Video: New DPVA Ad Holds Mark Obenshain Accountable for Transvaginal Ultrasound Record


    Every Virginia woman – and Virginia man as well! – going to the polls on November 5 needs to know this information before they cast their vote for Attorney General. They also need to know that Obenshain sponsored a bill to make miscarriage a crime reportable to the police within 24 hours. Plus, as an added “bonus,” he WALKED OUT of the State Senate rather than vote for an openly gay judge. Just on those three issues alone, Obenshain should be automatically eliminated from consideration by any woman, man who cares about women’s health and reproductive freedom, LGBT Virginian, or straight Virginian who hates homophobia. That’s just about…all Virginians, I’d hope!

    The Democratic Party of Virginia released a new television ad today called “Common Sense,” informing Virginians about Senator Mark Obenshain’s extreme support for legislation to force transvaginal ultrasounds on Virginia women before they can have an abortion.

    “Mark Obenshain’s anti-women’s health record is so extreme, he not only voted for legislation to force a transvaginal ultrasound on Virginia women before they can have an abortion, he called it a ‘common sense proposal,'” said DPVA Chair Charniele Herring. “Virginia women cannot afford another attorney general who would force his extreme agenda into decisions that should be between us and our doctors.”

    Obenshain’s vote for the controversial transvaginal ultrasound legislation is just a part of his career-long anti-women’s health agenda, which includes co-patroning “Personhood” legislation that could have outlawed abortion and banned common forms of birth control in Virginia.

    • Peter Rousselot

      This is an excellent and accurate ad that nails Mark Obenshain on his extreme record of hostility to Virginia women.

    • southernvadem

      check out this ad by  Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democratic challenger to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

      Love it

    • ir003436

      How about the bill Obenshain sponsored that required any woman experiencing a miscarriage outside a medical facility to report the miscarriage to the cops within 24 hours . . . and save the “tissue” to show to the cops?

      I know he withdrew the bill and has described it as hastily written and not well-thought-out, but, he proposed it.  Do we need an AG who does things that are hasty and not well-thought-out?