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Virginians for Clean Government Crash Cuccinelli’s Press Conference in Abingdon


At a Ken Cuccinelli press conference this morning in Abingdon to discuss Terry McAuliffe’s stance on EPA air regulations, the Virginians for Clean Government – “a group of about 40 southwest Virginians speaking out against Cuccinelli” – was out in force (see photo) protesting Cuccinelli’s conflict of interest with Pittsburgh-based natural gas company CONSOL Energy. Linda Skeens of Coeburn, Virginia – whose husband is a coal miner – is one of the group’s leaders and planned to ask Cuccinelli if he will return the $100,000 he’s received in contributions from CONSOL or step down as AG. Knowing Cuccinelli, I wouldn’t recommend that Mrs. Skeens hold her breath waiting for any answers; more like “no no no!” is all we ever get from Cooch.

By the way, on the EPA’s proposed regulations on new coal-fired power plants (which there won’t be any of regardless, due to competition from natural gas, wind, energy efficiency, solar, etc.), Cuccinelli isn’t just wildly wrong on the policy (see here for more on that), he’s also wrong on the politics. Just last night, we learned that a plurality of Virginians SUPPORTS the EPA, not Ken Cuccinelli and his fossil fuel puppet masters.

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  • …Ken Cuccinelli is the last person to have any credibility on that subject. Check this out from the DPVA:

    First Witnesses Testify in Scam Artist and Cuccinelli Donor, “Bobby Thompson’s” Trial in Ohio

    The first witnesses testified yesterday in the trial of veteran charity scam artist Bobby Thompson. Thompson, who contributed more than $50,000 to Ken Cuccinelli, is facing charges in Ohio for defrauding individuals into contributing millions of dollars they thought was earmarked to aid US Veterans.

    When questions began to swirl around Thompson’s bogus charity, Cuccinelli said he, “chose to be ‘walled off’ from a probe of the U.S. Navy Veterans Association.” As Attorney General, Cuccinelli failed to stand up for Virginians when it mattered the most.

    Thompson is currently charged with assuming a false identity and running a national scam that took in more than $100 million from 2002-2010. But these charges leave many Virginians wondering why, “other states’ attorneys general in 2010 were hunting Thompson for duping good people out of money for his fake U.S. Navy Vets charity, Cuccinelli refused to shed Thompson’s $55,000 donation to his campaign chest until it was embarrassingly late.”

    With Ken Cuccinelli’s conflict of interest in the Star Scientific scandal still fresh in Virginia voters’ minds, Ken Cuccinelli is developing a record of putting political motivations ahead of what is best for Virginians.