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Results Thread: 6th Senate District Democratic Caucus


Today’s Democratic caucus to nominate a candidate to replace Lt. Governor-elect Ralph Northam in the 6th Virginia Senate district closed at 2 pm today. The candidates are Del. Lynwood Lewis, former delegate Paula Miller, and Ralph Northam’s LG Campaign Treasurer Andria McClellan. Please feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss the district and the results. I’ll update with whatever I can find. Also note that this district went 57% for Barack Obama and 58% for Tim Kaine last year.

UPDATE 4:31 pm: Not that this will change the winner, but I’m hearing some serious disagreement about the total in Accomack, possibly off by 1,000 or so? (e.g., Ben Tribbett tweets, {“While Lewis won this election, here’s another example of inability to correctly count votes- seems unlikely reported result is right”). We’ll see, but in the end Lewis wins handily, regardless.

UPDATE 4:01 pm: According to this spreadsheet, the 100th House of Delegates district, which Lynwood Lewis has represented, went 55% for both Barack Obama and Tim Kaine last year. Of course, that doesn’t mean it will be that way in a special election early next year. We’ll see.

FINAL TOTAL: Lynwood Lewis 2,658 (55%); Paula Miller 1,292 (27%); Andria McClellan 929 (19%), Landslide for Lewis, basically…not even close.

*@notlarrysabato (3:37 pm) – “Norfolk results:  Miller 1173, Lewis 234, McClellan 778.  McClellan plays spoiler in Lewis’s win.”

*@notlarrysabato (3:25 pm) – “Lynwood will have about a 1,500 vote lead going into Norfolk.  It actually could be close if Miller pulls 75% there and he gets almost 0.”

*@vpaige (3:24 pm) – “Northhampton Hampton Inn: McC 5, Miller 7, Lewis 349…Northampton totals: McClellan 29, Miller 21, Lewis 731”

*@notlarrysabato (3:09 pm) – “Source inside Norfolk counting room says Miller has won Norfolk, Lewis a distant 3rd, but McClellan pulls enough to ensure Lewis victory…Projecting Lynwood Lewis as the Democratic nominee for @RalphNortham seat now.”

*@notlarrysabato (3:02 pm) – “Painter in, Lewis 210, McClellan 6, Miller 3.” The totals are now Lewis 975, Miller 94, McClellan 103.

*‏@notlarrysabato (2:51 pm) – “Shore still coming in, with Norfolk also out: Lewis 765, Miller 91, McClellan 97.  (5 of 11 reporting)”

*‏@vpaige – “NH: Eastville:  Lewis 173, Mcclellan 6, Miller 6”

*@notlarrysabato  – “Norfolk total updated to 2238.  With 3 of 11 polls in (7 on shore, 1 in Norfolk left to report) Lewis 383, Miller 77, McClellan 73.”

*@vpaige – “1 precint in Northampton: Lewis 209, McClellan 18, Miller 8”

*@vpaige – “Mathews: Lewis 136, Miller 48, McClellan 53”

*@notlarrysabato – “Bloxom on shore first poll in- Lewis 244, Miller 6, McClellan 2”

*@notlarrysabato – “Turnout counts (not sure these were all at 2 pm, need to see):  Norfolk 2,111, Accomack 840, Northampton 775, Matthews 238, VA Beach 44”

*‏@notlarrysabato (Ben Tribbett) – “If Lewis didn’t break through in Beach, hes going to be squashed in Norfolk. But will McClellan take enough votes from Miller 2 elect Lewis?…Remember Lewis will probably win 90% of votes on the shore.”

*‏@notlarrysabato (Ben Tribbett)  – “Virginia Beach reports first.  Paula Miller 23, Andria McClellan 18, Lynwood Lewis 3.”

*‏@notlarrysabato (Ben Tribbett)  – “Remember- with Onzlee Ware (D-Roanoke) resigning, a Lewis victory means every House of Delegates committee goes from 15R-7D to 16R-6D”

*‏@notlarrysabato (Ben Tribbett) – “Around 2,000 voters in Norfolk- mostly for Paula Miller- but big turnout on Eastern Shore where Dems put eight polls to help Lynwood Lewis”

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    Take a look at @notlarrysabato on Twitter. Your  Lewis numbers are 1000 higher than he has

  • RICHMOND — DPVA Chair Charniele Herring released this statement following the results in today’s Sixth Senate District Democratic nominating caucus:

    “I want to congratulate my colleague Delegate Lynwood Lewis on his victory in today’s Sixth Senate District Democratic nominating caucus. Lynwood and his staff should be proud of the campaign they ran. I also want to thank former Delegate Paula Miller and Andria McClellan for their unwavering commitment to the 6th District and this Commonwealth. With the nominations behind us, we’re ready to work hard, together as Democrats, to ensure victory on Election Day.

    “I firmly believe Delegate Lewis will represent the 6th District and work tirelessly for his constituents, as did Lieutenant Governor-elect Ralph Northam.”


  • Congratulations to Lynwood Lewis-Now Democrats Must Rally Behind Him

    As of this afternoon, Delegate Lynwood Lewis is officially the Democratic nominee for Virginia’s 6th District Senate seat. About his victory, Andria McClellan states, “I know that Delegate Lewis will serve our community well while in office and as Democrats, we must now rally behind him in order to defeat the Republican nominee.”

    “Although short, this was a hard-fought race. My dedicated staff, volunteers, family and friends provided tremendous support throughout the campaign. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to all those involved,” says McClellan. “It has been a very humbling experience speaking with the people of the 6th District and talking about issues that are important to all of us. I will always love this community and will continue to be involved in whatever capacity I can.”

  • (Norfolk, VA)  Today, Lynwood Lewis won the Democratic Party nomination for the 6th District senate seat.  Lewis received 55% of the vote in polling places across the district.

    “I want to thank the 6th Senate District voters for the support they have shown me today. Congratulations to Paula Miller and Andria McClellan for running campaigns about important issues. I look forward to working with both of them in the years to come.”

    “It has been a pleasure to work with Ralph Northam and I look forward to continuing our dedication to bipartisan solutions in Richmond. I am proud to have supported Governor McDonnell’s bipartisan transportation bill, because it was the right thing for Virginia.  As your State Senator, I will continue to work with Democrats and Republicans to create jobs, decrease the cost of tolls, preserve the Chesapeake Bay, and improve women’s and children’s health.”

    “I look forward to running a vigorous campaign, because we need a leader who can work effectively in a closely divided Senate.”

    The Democratic nominating caucus took place today between 10:00am and 2:00pm with polling locations in the City of Norfolk, Accomack, Northampton, and Mathews Counties and the City of Virginia Beach.