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Video: Sen. McEachin on Rachel Maddow Show Rips Cuccinelli for Dubious Ethics in AG’s Race


Sen. McEachin comes on around 6 minutes into this video, although there’s good background by Rachel Maddow before that as well. Sen. McEachin’s main points: 1) there’s been no response – “crickets” – to McEachin’s demand that Cuccinelli stop fundraising for Mark Obenshain’s recount effort; 2) that Cuccinelli should avoid the appearance of impropriety and stop giving advice to the State Board of Elections while fundraising for one of the candidates (Obenshain) in an election heading towards a recount; 3) that this is hurting Virginians’ faith in the integrity of the electoral process; 4) Cuccinelli should have stepped down as AG when he ran for Governor; and 5) we’ll never know how the pre-election voter purge of around 60,000 Virginians impacted this election.

  • Andy Schmookler

    I applaud Senator McEachin for raising these issues, and Lowell for bringing them further to the fore.

    What can be done to get past the “crickets” problem?

  • scott_r

    This guy isn’t going to stop because he knows Herring will put a stop to all Cooch’s crazy lawsuits – the ones the courts haven’t already rejected anyway. That, and hope he gets an AG that won’t feel the need to aggressively dig into what Cooch himself has done vis-a-vis Star Scientific.    

    I do believe that when Herring is sworn in, we’ll get a look into the voter roll purges.  

    Presumably the VADEMS have the SBE voter roll dumps for the past few years to see just who was purged, and what their voting history is like, along with party ID.