Election Results Thread: SD-6, HD-11, FCDC Chair


    As of 7:45 pm, according to VPAP, Democrat Sam Rasoul is romping over Republican Octavia Johnson in the 11th House of Delegates district (Roanoke City). With 18 of 28 precincts reporting, it’s Rasoul 73%-Johnson 27%. This one appears to be over.

    The State Senate race in the 6th district between Democrat Lynwood Lewis and Republican Wayne Coleman is neck and neck as of 7:45 pm, with 4,612 votes for Lewis and 4,567 votes for Coleman (with 29 of 56 precincts reporting). Stay tuned…

    UPDATE 7:51 pm: Congratulations to Delegate-elect Sam Rasoul, who is winning in a blowout (72%-28% with 71% of precincts reporting)!

    UPDATE 7:52 pm: With 39 of 56 precincts reporting, it’s now Coleman 6,777 (50.3%)-Lewis 6,688 (49.6%). Yikes.

    UPDATE 7:57 pm:  ‏@jaycford tweets, “In the race to replace @RalphNortham Lewis is underperforming in key accomack precincts. Lewis needs big northampton numbers.”

    UPDATE 7:58 pm: With 44 of 56 reporting (78.6%), it’s now Coleman 7,388-Lewis 7,201. The remaining 4 precincts in Norfolk City went strongly for T-Mac in November, so that’s hopeful at least. Northampton went for T-Mac, but the outstanding Accomack precincts went heavily for Cuccinelli. This thing is way too close to call.

    UPDATE 8:10 pm: With 49 of 56 precincts reporting, it’s now Coleman  8,703-Lewis 8,550. Hmmmm.

    UPDATE 8:16 pm: According to  ‏@notlarrysabato, “Lynwood Lewis up by 215 with 3 precincts left.  Waiting to final ones now.”

    UPDATE 8:17 pm: According to VPAP, with 54 of 56 precincts reporting, it’s now Lewis 9,695-Coleman 9,588. Whoa!

    UPDATE 8:25 pm: According to ‏@vpapupdates, “Precincts Out: 201 (Northampton) – McAuliffe won 67%; Chincoteague (Accomack) Cuccinelli won 64% http://bit.ly/19ZPCy5

    UPDATE 8:28 pm: According to VPAP, with 55 of 56 precincts reporting, it’s now Lewis 9,937-Coleman 9,664. Looking a lot better! Still, there’s one remaining precinct (Chincoteague) to count, and Ken Cuccinelli won it by a 2:1 margin (678-346) last November. So…not quite over yet. More context – Chincoteague went 611-399 Loyola over Northam in November 2011.

    UPDATE 8:41 pm: I’m hearing there were over 700 votes cast at Chincoteague precinct by around 4 pm. Fingernail biting time…

    UPDATE 8:52 pm: Holy crap, according to VPAP, with 100% of precincts reporting, Lynwood Lewis has won by just 22 votes* (10,197-10,175). “Landslide Lynwood” anyone? LOL (*pending  almost certain recount)

    UPDATE 9:00 pm: I’ve said this a million times, but if anyone ever tells you their vote doesn’t matter, tell them they’re an idiot.

    UPDATE 10:19 pm: OK, it’s 10:19 pm and there are no results or even any information at all for the FCDC chair race. Totally absurd. #FAIL

    UPDATE 6:06 am Wednesday: I hear that Sue Langley won the Fairfax County Democratic Committee chair election by 6 votes, 287-281, over Cesar Del Aguila. Clearly, both Sue and Cesar have a great deal to offer, and both are recognized by the members as extremely valuable members of their committee! It’s a nice “problem” to have in many ways. 🙂

    • FreeDem

      Rasoul is clearly dominating, Howell’s special interest money had no impact, but let’s not forget the hard work of the campaign staff and volunteers who pulled out this special election win on the most frigid of days.

      I don’t know him, but I’m impressed with Aubrey Sylvester. Cathcart ran a strong campaign in a no chance district. Rasoul surprised everyone with his win in the firehouse primary and his strong performance tonight. I give credit to Rasoul for maturing as a candidate and wish him the best of luck in the future. I also applaud Aubrey for his hard work and determination.

      And to all of the other staff and volunteers, kudos! Go warm up!

    • KT

      Timed to arrive on the last day of the campaign so there could be no response, the RPVA mailer here in the 11th made a truly ridiculous seven-degrees-of-separation connection between a Rasoul donor and Muslim terrorists!  The clear purpose was to smear Sam and repeat as many foreign sounding names as possible. This is beyond parody in some ways (and most important, it failed miserably) but just because it was late and didn’t work doesn’t mean they should get a pass. Pat Mullins should be hounded mercilessly to answer for this underhanded racist bs.  Unfortunately, the RPVA is truly shameless, but some enterprising reporter should at least force someone like Greg Habeed to go on record with his thoughts on these tactics.  

    • Democrat wins first of two special elections to decide Senate chamber control

      WASHINGTON-Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) Executive Director Michael Sargeant released the following statement on tonight’s Democratic victories in the special elections for Virginia’s 6th Senate District and 11th House District:

      “I want to congratulate Senator-Elect Lynwood Lewis (D-Accomac) on his victory in tonight’s special election for Senate District 6,” said Sargeant. “This was the first of two January special elections that will decide which party will set the agenda in the Virginia Senate. Voters tonight sent the same message they delivered in November: Virginians have had enough of the Tea Party’s destructive ideology, and they’re eager for pragmatic leadership from Democrats like Lynwood Lewis, who’s proven time and again that he’ll always put Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Matthews County and the Eastern Shore first.”

      “I also applaud the successful partnership between the Lewis Campaign, Governor-elect McAuliffe, the DLCC, and the Virginia Senate Democrats – a partnership that made this victory possible.”

      “In addition, I want to congratulate Delegate-Elect Sam Rasoul (D-Roanoke) for his victory tonight in House District 11,” Sargeant continued. “Delegate-Elect Rasoul ran a strong, grassroots-focused campaign that defeated a career Republican politician who enjoyed far greater name recognition and financial backing. With Sam’s victory, Roanoke has elected a strong progressive voice to represent its citizens, and Virginia’s General Assembly will enjoy a breath of fresh air from a new Delegate who’s never been afraid to stand up for our Democratic values.”

      “These victories, despite a significant Republican funding advantage in both contests, give Democrats crucial momentum heading into the Virginia Senate’s final special election showdown on January 21st, when the race for Senate District 33 in Loudoun and Fairfax Counties will decide which party controls the floor of the state Senate. The DLCC looks forward to continuing our partnership with Virginia Democrats as we work to win that critical race.”

      To date, the DLCC has invested more than $150,000 in both Senate contests.

    • RICHMOND — DPVA Chair Charniele Herring released the following statement on Senator-Elect Lynwood Lewis’ victory in the special election race for the 6th district seat in the state senate:

      “Democrats in the 6th Senate District and all over the Commonwealth are celebrating Senator-Elect Lewis’ victory tonight,” said DPVA Chair Charniele Herring. “His win further proves that the Democratic sweep we experienced in November wasn’t a fluke, but a true change in tide in the electorate. Virginians prefer pragmatic leaders such as Lynwood.”

    • Egalitare

      …which decided it was too risky to subject its bus, driver and the voters intended to pick up yesterday and didn’t participate in getting Lewis supporters to the polls. I assume some but not all of them got to a polling place. I’m told that it was probably more than one church that made that decision, and it’s not a stretch to suggest that a dozen or so individual car drivers probably did also.

      And yet Lewis apparently prevailed. Virginia Democrats used to lose close special elections when that sort of thing happened. To win in spite…well, sports teams call that “winning ugly” and good teams find a way to do that consistently. That’s a trend I could stand to suffer through for a very long time.