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GOP Poll: Warner Beats Gillespie by 18 Points; Only 1% of Republicans Choose Gillespie in Primary


Yes, a lot of things can happen in 10 months. And yes, nobody should ever take anything for granted in politics. Having said that, these numbers – by a GOP pollster, no less – don’t look too hot for slimeball lobbyist and Republican hack Ed Gillespie as he prepares to run against Sen. Mark Warner (aka, the most popular politician in Virginia).

First, the head-to-head numbers.

Yes, that’s a whopping 18-point lead for Mark Warner. I guess if you’re a Republican and you want to look on the bright side, you can focus on Warner only being at 51%, and also at the fact that Warner beat Jim Gilmore by 21 points (65%-34%) in 2008. Still, I’d rather be in our position than their’s at this point.

Now, the really amusing part (after the “flip”).

That’s right, Ed Gillespie is only chosen by 1% of Virginia Republicans, tied with Barbara Comstock, and below Bill Kristol (3%), Susan Allen (4%), Mark Obenshain (21%), and Ken Cuccinelli (58%). Hahahaha.

But wait, you say, it’s all name ID; nobody knows who Gillespie is, after all. Fair point, but that brings us to the poll question which tells voters who these fine folks are (e.g., Gillespie is a former RNC and RPV chair, as well as a “Counselor to President George W. Bush.” It doesn’t help much, with Gillespie still tied for last place (at 3%) with Barbara Comstock and Howie Lind. When Republicans are told who these people are, Gillespie also trails Susan Allen (7%), Bill Kristol (9%), Mark Obenshain (22%), and Ken Cuccinelli (44%). The bottom line: Virginia Republicans are not exactly clamoring for the great Ed Gillespie to run for U.S. Senate this year against Mark Warner…

  • IBelieveInHenryHowell

    I don’t know that defeating Warner in 2014 is the end game here, although they would take it if they could get it. I’m of the mind that this is following the Mark Warner example: Take on the biggest fish (Mark Warner vs. John Warner, 1997), get the guys name out there and show the base what you’ve got and how well it plays; run in the next state wide election, 2017 Governor; hope for a positive outcome. Just my guess…

  • OrangeDem

    Huh? How did she end up on the mock ballot?

    Didn’t know she was considering running for office.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Interesting how Bill Bolling’s name wasn’t on the poll. He’s the only grown-up GOPer in Virginia that I could think of.

  • realvirginia

    Until you realize that it was conducted two months ago. The only two confirmed candidates listen in the poll are Gillespie and Lind.  

  • Sunnyjane

    I guess Ed didn’t get the 2013 message that we Virginians are sick and tired of Republicans representing us.