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Video: “E.W. Jackson Complains That People Tried To Paint Him As A ‘Nutcase'”


Just one problem, Bishop Jackson: we wouldn’t have called you a “nutcase” or “completely outside of the mainstream of American thinking” if it weren’t 100% true. And thank goodness you ARE “completely outside the mainstream of American thinking,” because if your belief system ever really took hold in this country (god forbid), we’d essentially be Salafism: Western Hemisphere Edition. No thanks!

  • jamesebtrout

    that Republicans like to claim that Democrats play the “victim card”, yet playing the “victim card” is all many Republicans do? The surprising thing about this race is that EW Jackson managed to almost make this a single digit race in spite of never having held office before and having only run for office once before. Running for the GOP nomination for Senate in 2012, finishing dead last of four candidates with only 5 percent of the vote.

  • Jim B

    Mr. Jackson is not by himself in the republican party. I don’t know if Virginia has the most nutcases, but we sure have a lot.

  • Dan Sullivan

    after all.

  • blue bronc

    A nutcase continuing the Republican tradition of accusing everybody, especially Democrats, of their own behaviour.