Alan Howze Decisively Wins Arlington Democratic Nomination for County Board


    The following statement is from the Arlington County Democratic Committee…video to follow shortly. Congratulations to Alan Howze, and also great news for streetcar supporters, as the two candidates who supported the streetcar project won a combined 70% of the vote (also note that Cord Thomas specifically argued that this election was a referendum on the streetcar). 🙂

    UDPATE: Ben Tribbett has a fascinating analysis which finds that “in the full electorate, Howze defeated Thomas by an even more convincing 2,318 (65.5%) to 1,219 (34.5%),” and that “even with Thomas getting more first choice ballots over Fallon, that gave Peter Fallon a 1,919 (56.9%) to 1,453 (43.1%) win over Cord Thomas.” Finally, Alan Howze received the fewest “last place votes,” while Cord Thomas received by far the most.



    Arlington, VA – Alan Howze, a civic activist and Arlington native, has been elected the Democratic candidate for the April Special Election to fill the Arlington County Board seat vacated by the resignation of Chris Zimmerman.

    Mr. Howze won with 52% of 3585 votes cast during the two caucuses held Thursday January 30 and Saturday February 1 by the Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC). Entrepreneur Cord Thomas received 30%, and former Planning Commission Peter Fallon received 18%.

    Alan was born in Arlington, and he and his wife Pam and three young children live in the Highland Park-Overlee Knolls neighborhood. He has a strong history of civic work in Arlington, and currently serves as the President of the Highland Park-Overlee Knolls Civic Association, Vice-Chair of the Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission (FAAC), and a Board Member of the Alliance for Housing Solutions. A graduate of James Madison University with an MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, Alan is a management consultant at IBM where he has worked with federal, state and local government leaders on a variety of strategy and transformation initiatives to reduce costs and improve the delivery of government services. For more information visit the campaign website.

    Arlington County Democratic Chairman Kip Malinosky issued the following statement regarding the vote:

    Kip Malinosky: “Arlington Democrats are thrilled to rally around Alan Howze.  He has an outstanding record of service to our community and a vision for greater Arlington.  We know how important it is to have our Democratic values represented at all levels of our government.”

    The date of the special election will be set by the Circuit Court; most likely it will be on Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

    • fendertweed

      this independent/ former Demo / anti-Republican will likely vote for Vihstadt (sp?) simply to encourage some diversity of opinion on the incestuously sclerotic County Board (not to mention his position opposing the Columbia Pike streetcar boondoggle (IMO)).

    • Arlington’s next County Board member!

    • Dave Leichtman

      Kip Malinosky

      Del. Alfonso Lopez

      Del. Patrick Hope

      Arlington County Board member Walter Tejada

      Don and Megan Beyer

      State Senator Adam Ebbin

    • Barbara Kanninen

      Greg Greeley

    • A big-time Republican, NOT an “independent” in any way/shape/form.

      Having been a county resident for nearly three decades, John Vihstadt has concluded there are, essentially, two reactions when a neighbor finds out he is a Republican: the “revulsion and ridicule reaction” and the “but, gee, you seem so normal” reaction…

      For years, Vihstadt has worked to change that perception through grass-roots activism in the schools, at the Committee of 100, the Arlington County Civic Federation and a host of other organizations. And on Dec. 11, he was honored with the Arlington County Republican Committee’s Delyannis-Finta Award for Distinguished Community Involvement.

      …Vihstadt said that the way for Republicans to once again make their mark on the community is to become a part of the social fabric. “Our goal needs to be to really burrow into the county, to get involved,” he said.

    • If there was any doubt previously, which of course there shouldn’t have been, there certainly isn’t now: Arlington County Board candidate John Vihstadt has been and continues to be a REPUBLICAN. It’s just a fact, so stop pretending he’s an “independent” in any way.