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Dwight Jones Coronated As DPVA Chair


Dwight Jones photo DwightJones_zps12020cd2.jpgSensing a rising tide of sentiment against the prospect of Mayor Jones’ candidacy for DPVA chair, it seems the “powers that be” have chosen to short-circuit the process. This further solidifies the argument that Jones is no more than a strawman for whomever feeds his self-perceived competence.

While this certainly will save the Central Committee substantial time and effort at the meeting on March 15, if true, the announcement will come as a pre-emptive strike that is not so surprising, yet will serve to allay any illusion that the DPVA functions for the benefit of its members. And it will be good news for the Republican Party of Virginia, despite themselves, because it would guarantee that the DPVA will lack the focus required to maintain control of the State Senate beyond 2015.

The best part of this ham-handed move is that it alienates the party members who reside in districts that are currently held by Republicans; as in the grassroots members who the DPVA needs the most to accomplish any gains anywhere. While a competent, experienced, incumbent Executive Director would be able to manipulate a marionette Chair with one hand, it will probably require both hands just to keep the ship steady in the heavy rolls that can be anticipated with the staff changes that have already taken place.

Advice to the powers that be: don’t ask for unanimous consent or acclamation at the Central Committee. It doesn’t exist.

Update: The revised version from the RTD.

  • late on Friday afternoon, which is when you traditionally put stuff out you want to bury. Hmmmm.

  • demomatic

    Ah- Can’t wait to hear from Paul Goldman on this one. He’s been on the anti-jones beat for months now, mostly focused on the Mayor’s ham-handed rollout of the downtown ballpark plan in Richmond. Look, they Mayor’s done some good things for Richmond, some . . . eh . . .

    Jones now has Goldman’s old job.

    To quote Lowell, I’m popping some popcorn.

  • Dave

    I don’t believe that the way that Geller and Nobles reported this was what was actually told to them, but rather their assumption. Seems slightly unfair to lambast “the powers that be” in this situation.

    Now, granted, I don’t think that anybody else is going to file for Chair. But there hasn’t been any effort (at least overt) by McAuliffe, Warner, or others to “stifle descent” here. It’s simply that nobody else has declared interest.

    Mayor Jones is filing like any other candidate, and filing is not yet closed. Others can challenge him if they like, and I think the climate is such within the Central Committee that a challenge would be welcomed and given due credence. However, I think a challenger is unlikely to emerge.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Why am I not surprised by this “coronation”? Well, it’s the modus operandi of the DPVA. The political elites pick the top officials and get the Central Committee to rubber-stamp their choices. My question is this: Why should I drive all the way down to Richmond as a member of the Central Committee to vote for a new chair when he’s already been chosen and crowned? Why not just make the party rules reflect reality and state that the elected Democrats in the state will select the leadership of the party?  That way, we peons could avoid meaningless meetings and raising our hands in meaningless votes.  

  • gg2landy

    Every time they show up here to help us…it screws us up. Local committees are better organized. At least we are here in Lynchburg. Small but hard working.

  • pontoon

    I don’t think I’ll make the trip on the 15th to Richmond.  Why bother?

  • Statement from Sen. Adam Ebbin in response to my question about whether he supports Dwight Jones for DPVA Chair.

    No. He does not represent the mainstream of our party and marriage equality is a civil right. We need someone who understands that.

  • He needs to be removed from consideration immediately.

  • The Chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia needs to reflect our values as a party. This has been a historic year for marriage equality and we can not have a Chair of the party that does not support this civil right.

    I’m hopeful that Dwight Jones has reconsidered his position on this issue like so many others and will support marriage equality. However, if he is still against marriage equality, I strongly oppose his appointment as Chairman of the state party.

  • Dan Sullivan

    A post on the 6th CD Democratic Committee Facebook page:

    Dear Colleagues:

    As we consider the election of the new chair of the central committee, we must be mindful of our party platform’s long-stated dedication to ‘protecting our inalienable rights and constitutional freedoms that provide us the opportunity to improve the lives of others.’

    We have resolved ‘to elect leaders to provide change through leadership that is both commonsense and results-oriented.’

    Whomever becomes the new chair must continue our platform’s stated opposition to the Marriage Amendment written into the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    The Democratic Party of Virginia respects and values gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Virginians, and the leadership of our committee must unequivocally support our fight for equal treatment under the law.

    Gary Crawford

  • suzheart

    Dwight Jones is not only out of the mainstream with regard to marriage equality, as Mayor he has demonstrated utter disregard for the City Council and for the citizens of Richmond.  He recently played the race card, arguing that the people opposed to the baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom were white.  He also has nothing to distinguish his term but the Washington R_skins deal which was done behind closed doors, costs the taxpayers $500,000 a year, made a sweetheart real estate exchange with Bon Secours and which ulimately did not yield the financial benefits promised.  Like the baseball stadium, the deal was presented to city council at the last minute as a take or leave it.  He has promoted privatization of city schools and he doesn’t have a clue about violence against women, evidenced by his attendance at a One Billion Rising Event where he said that it was a big day in Richmond because the  football training camp had its groundbreaking!!! This is not the first time I have observed his insensitivity while speaking in his capacity as Mayor.

    Dwight Jones brings nothing to the post but a lot of ill will from his home city.

  • I believe strongly that the Democratic Party of Virginia should continue to be reflective of the rich diversity of the Commonwealth. At a time when a majority of Americans all over the nation and the Commonwealth support marriage equality, a right the Commonwealth’s highest court has recently affirmed, I believe firmly that our state Democratic party and leadership should be reflective of that reality. I am deeply disappointed by Mayor Jones’ opposition to marriage equality.

    As Mayor of Alexandria, one of Virginia’s largest cities, and as a strong and consistent supporter of marriage equality, I have shared by letter today this position with Mayor Jones and urged him to reconsider his previously articulated and untenable opposition to marriage equality. There is no place in our Commonwealth or nation to treat in a discriminatory fashion any individual based upon who they are or love.

    If Mayor Jones reconsiders his position on marriage equality I look forward to working with him as chair of DPVA.

  • kindler

    …how this is quickly becoming an issue in the 8th CD House race.  

  • ir003436

    The new emperor is just like the old emperor and the old emperors before that one — don’t give a damn about us out here on the Neck.

  • Roland Winston

    “The Mayor sees Richmond as it can be not as it is. I’m ready to see Reverend Jones as he can be.  I recommend he consult with the Reverend William Barber, the face of Moral Mondays.  I don’t care if he ever personally marries a same sex couple but as long as he holds ‘Religious Freedom’ above ‘created equal’ it is an affront to Mildred Loving’s legacy .  A legacy referenced in  Judge Allen’s recent Bostic v. Rainey decision.  The case that very possibly will be the first of the marriage cases to reach the Supreme Court and it means he views LGBT families as illegitimate “.  

    “Surrounded as I am now by wonderful children and grandchildren, not a day goes by that I don’t think of Richard and our love, our right to marry, and how much it meant to me to have that freedom to marry the person precious to me, even if others thought he was the “wrong kind of person” for me to marry. I believe all Americans, no matter their race, no matter their sex, no matter their sexual orientation, should have that same freedom to marry. Government has no business imposing some people’s religious beliefs over others. Especially if it denies people’s civil rights.”  -Mildred Loving

    “It is not too much to expect Mayor Dwight Jones to embrace Mildred Loving’s philosophy.”