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Video: VA Homophobes All Should Watch Chris Cuomo Expose Anti-Gay Bigotry for What It Is


I strongly recommend this video to Ken Cuccinelli, “Sideshow Bob” Marshall, E.W. Jackson, and to everyone who ranted against Attorney General Mark Herring for announcing that he would no longer defend Virginia’s anti-gay bigotry amendment, etc. It beautifully exposes the anti-gay bigots as having no rational arguments whatsoever. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. Check it out and see for yourself.

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  • va_lady2008

    The fact that so many red-state legislatures decided simultaneously to write up and pass “protect religious freedom by allowing racism and discrimination” laws comes as no surprise.

    I don’t think any one thinks that they thought of these laws themselves.  My guess is that some rightwing thinktank has been handing out photocopies.  

    The men and women who mostly are voting with slobbering approval to legitimize discrimination were heavily promoted by and  likely their campaigns funded by American corporations (some of them at least) and the national and state chambers of commerce.

    These two groups have now lost control of the lunatics.  In the Arizona case (law vetoed) and in George (law pulled from consideration) the state Chambers of Commerce came out in opposition.  They did this too late.

    Yesterday, I had the intense pleasure of watching Glen Hamer of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce debating with a couple of the talking heads on (I think) CNBC.  Keep in mind that what passes for analysis on CNBC is of the Obama Derangement Syndrome variety.

    Hamer claimed that because the bill was vetoed that Arizona was “open” and welcome for business.  Even the talking heads couldn’t stop themselves from laughing at him.  How can he claim that Arizona doesn’t “discriminate” when it is still legal to fire anyone that a business even thinks might be a member of the LGBT community?

    Clearly, this is going to cost the state, and likely some of the others, for quite some time.  The red states all claim that they have such a business friendly climate, all they want, but their actions speak rather louder than words.