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Will Wonders Never Cease? Top VA Repubs Call for Fitzsimmonds to Resign Over Misogynistic Remark



Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William Howell and two of his lieutenants are calling on the state Republican Party’s treasurer to resign over his use of a slang term for female genitalia in a Facebook discussion about a female GOP legislator.

“The comments made recently by Bob FitzSimmonds are offensive and have no place in mainstream society or our political discourse,” reads a statement issued by Howell, Majority Leader Kirk Cox of Colonial Heights and Fairfax County Del. Tim Hugo.

“These comments are not representative of the House Republican Caucus or the Republican Party of Virginia,” continued the statement issued Thursday. “They do not reflect our values or principles and they are deeply inconsistent with the tone and tenor we believe is appropriate for public debate.”

Of course, Fitzsimmonds is just one of many, many Virginia Republicans who have made misogynistic and otherwise bigoted (e.g., homophobic) remarks. For instance, Sen. Stephen Martin (R) earlier this week called women “the child’s host (some refer to them as mothers),” while raging against pro-choice advocates as “very sick people.” When are Republicans going to denounce HIM or call on HIM to resign?!?

Let’s also not forget that House Speaker Howell himself had this little incident, in which he demeaned ProgressVA head Anna Scholl as  apparently not being smart enough to understand anything but “little enough words.” Finally, we haven’t even mentioned the actual policies Republicans push with regards to women’s health and reproductive freedom, most of which seem to be aimed at wildly unhelpful things like defunding Planned Parenthood, requiring intrusive and medically unnecessary ultrasounds, selectively harassing women’s health clinics, and keeping poor women and their kids from gaining access to high-quality and affordable health care. Hence, the “war on women” phrase, which Republicans get so indignant about, probably because they know they have no substantive response to it, and also because it kills them politically. And yes, they richly deserve to be hurt politically for this extremist, anti-women lunacy.

P.S. The sad thing is, Fitzsimmonds’ comments (and Martin’s, and Howell’s towards Anna Scholl, and so many others) actually ARE “representative of the House Republican Caucus or the Republican Party of Virginia” and actually DO “reflect {their} values or principles.”

UPDATE: RPV Chair Pat Mullins, who has never seemed bothered by all sorts of offensive remarks (e.g., by Ken Cuccinelli, EW Jackson, Mark Obenshain, etc, etc, etc.) has commented and revealed the REAL reason why top Republicans are calling for Fitzsimmonds to resign — because his remarks “give the media and Democrats an excuse to talk about anything other than the impact of their disastrous policies on our Commonwealth and country.” Hahahahaha.

  • scott_r

    They like to protest there isn’t any war on women, but the more they gab like Fitzsimmonds (who is saying what they really believe, as you point out), the more credibility our claims about the war on women gain.  

  • The Richmonder

    They did all those anti-Woman things during the 2012 and 2013 GA sessions precisely because they did not believe it would really hurt them.  Then came the 2013 Democratic statewide sweep.  

    Now they are going to become a lot more sensitive about this sort of thing.  It is FitzSimmond’s misfortune that Steve Martin’s blunder had already drawn the national media’s attention to Virginia and the RPV in particular–with the nation watching I guess they felt like they had to act.

  • Dan Sullivan

    I hear a ticking sound.

    Possibly when Frank Wagner takes the RPV 2nd District Chairmanship.

  • The Richmonder

    As bad as FitzSimmond’s comment was, this is much worse:


  • va_lady2008

    People are allowed to think whatever they want. They can even SAY whatever they want, providing they don’t cross the line into shouting “FIRE” in a crowded theatre.

    However, saying what you think, as FitzSimmonds has often done in public, betrays not only what he thinks, but how he speaks in private.  Since I assume he cleans up some, at least, in public, it is truly horrifying to imagine what he does when there are no microphones around.  

    Actions have consequences for legislators.  They are called elections.

    What part of “it will live on the Internet forever” is it that the Gopers do not grasp?

    Question for the VAGOP whose denunciation of this creature I found rather tepid, to say the least:  if your avatar  speaks this way about a fellow Republican, whose only sin as far as I can see was to be born female, what does he say about  (fill in the blank with any identifiable group not including old white male so-called Christians.)  Immigrants?  African Americans? Members of the LGBT community?  Women?  Democrats? Supporters of any of those listed?

    The GOP has made an art form out of dividing the nation into little slices, and excoriating, shaming and humiliating each in turn.  When they are forced to stop on one group, they actually manage to keep it up, using code words, while they start in on the next.

    How many groups do you belong to?