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“Aggressive Progressive” Mark Levine Speaks Publicly for 1st Time About Sister’s Murder ….


(To be perfectly unambiguous, I am promoting without being a Mark Levine supporter because it contains the kind of information that yields a better perspective of a candidate whose personal story, like all others, is essential to understanding the depth of his values. – promoted by Dan Sullivan)

Mark Levine is a man with a fire in his heart, an experienced and informed head on his shoulders, and a network of passionate allies dedicated to seeing our true democratic values served throughout our government.

At 10:36 of the video: As chief counsel for Barney Frank, Mark reveals how he worked through bipartisan back channels to ensure that LGBT 9/11 survivors were treated equally in distributions from the victims compensation fund.

At 11:35 of the video: Mark describes how he worked as a guardian of our values to inform Senators in order to prevent passage of George Bush's faith based initiative. As it was written and through executive orders, the initiative would have allowed those hiring for government jobs to discriminate on the basis of religion.

But the core of this video reveals itself at 14:50, when Mark relates his personal tragedy and why he wrote his law protecting the victims and children of domestic violence. The bill was unanimously passed by Democrats and Republicans and signed into law by a red state governor to commemorate his sister after her murder by her husband. Rather than dwelling on his own misery, Mark turned the vision derived from his families very personal tragedy into a political action that would protect other women from suffering as his sister did.

Mark has also been recognized for championing both legal and journalistic efforts to prevent institutional child abuse. While Mark is not a conventional candidate, he will certainly stand out as a rare member of Congress, tempering his deeply democratic passions with his intellect and comprehensive experience. He will be the pride of Virginia's eighth district. Please vote with your heart and vote for Mark Levine.

  • Dr.Gonzo

    Impressed with what I’ve seen out of this guy so far, particularly for having gotten into the race somewhat late. He seems to be building some steady support every time he gets in front of a crowd. His personal story is compelling, one that stands out in a field crowded with political fellow-travelers. Of course, I tend toward the anti-politician especially lately, so Beyer and Herring and the other good little soldiers that have waited patiently for ‘their turn’ don’t hold much interest for me. I’d rather have someone on the Hill throwing rocks than the rest of this milquetoast field who will go to DC and become complacent tools of lobbyists, because they’ve already played that role in city hall in Alexandria or down in Richmond. I thought “Aggressive Progressive” was a little too strong at first, but now I realize Levine is probably just what this district needs after decades of Moron, er, Moran.

  • luckytortoise

    I’ve heard Levine speak and he doesn’t sound much like a politician. He sounds sincere.