Mt. Vernon Democratic Straw Poll Results: Beyer, Chatman, Hope… (UPDATE: Photos, Video)


    I just got back from the Mt. Vernon Democratic Committee’s annual Mardi Gras party and straw poll. The party was great, as always; lots more to come on that tomorrow. For now, here are the results from the straw poll.

    1. Don Beyer: 105 votes

    2. Lavern Chatman: 83 votes

    3. Patrick Hope: 81 votes

    4. Mark Sickles: 51 votes

    5. Adam Ebbin: 42 votes

    6. Charniele Herring: 15 votes

    7. Alfonso Lopez: 11 votes

    7. Bill Euille: 11 votes

    9. Mark Levine: 7 votes

    9. Derek Hyra: 7 votes

    11. Bruce Shuttleworth (not present): 3 votes

    P.S. Note that my predictions for the straw poll were 1) Don Beyer (correct); 2) Lavern Chatman (correct); 3) Adam Ebbin (he actually finished 5th); 4) Mark Sickles (correct); 5) Bill Euille (he actually finished 7th); 6) Charniele Herring (correct); 6) Patrick Hope (he actually finished 3rd); 6) Alfonso Lopez (he actually finished 7th); 9) Derek Hyra (correct); 10) Mark Levine (he actually finished tied for 9th); and 11) Bruce Shuttleworth (correct). Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. 🙂 The big difference was that Patrick Hope finished significantly higher than I had expected. Other than that, it was pretty much as forecast…

    • LAS

      It was definitely quite an evening! HUGE crush of people!

      The candidates that made the top three were determined to prove they got game: they brought their supporters OUT and they made personal calls to members and others they thought would be/should be there. Patrick Hope was no exception; he may be from Arlington, but he has been working the Mt Vernon/Fairfax County crowd, too.

      I’m so glad you had a great time, Lowell, and am looking forward to reading more of your thoughts and opinions of our event!  

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