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Republican Refusal to Expand Medicaid Means 266-987 “Needless Deaths” Per Year in Virginia


While Virginia Republicans grow their beards, act like stupid frat boys (or actually 7th graders), and generally treat the entire issue of Medicaid expansion like a joke, back in the real world, these Republicans are hurting hundreds of thousands of Virginians. Actually, they’re not just hurting them, they’re doing far worse than that, at least according to the paper, Opting Out Of Medicaid Expansion: The Health And Financial Impacts, in the publication Health Affairs, “the leading journal of health policy thought and research.”

We estimate the number of deaths attributable to the lack of Medicaid expansion in opt-out states at between 7,115 and 17,104.  Medicaid expansion in opt-out states would have resulted in 712,037 fewer persons screening positive for depression and 240,700 fewer individuals suffering catastrophic medical expenditures. Medicaid expansion in these states would have resulted in 422,553 more diabetics receiving medication for their illness, 195,492 more mammograms among women age 50-64 years and 443,677 more pap smears among women age 21-64. Expansion would have resulted in an additional 658,888 women in need of mammograms gaining insurance, as well as 3.1 million women who should receive regular pap smears.

That’s right, Republican obstinacy and “Obama Derangement Syndrome” is not just hazardous to people’s health, it’s deadly. Here in Virginia, you can see the results in the table below (click to “embiggen”). That’s right, we’re talking about 266-986 “needless deaths” in Virginia every year – that’s as many as 19 Virginians every week – dying needlessly due to one reason only: Republicans’ obstinate, cold-hearted, ideologically-and-politically-driven refusal to accept our own tax dollars back and expand Medicaid in Virginia to nearly 300,000 people who would qualify. It’s beyond appalling, bordering on pure evil. And no, corporate media, it’s not “both sides,” it’s one side only – Speaker Bill Howell and company.

Oh, and one guess where the the Virginians who most desperately need expanded access to Medicaid live? That’s right, in some of the “reddest” areas of Virginia politically speaking. Which means, yet again, that we have a case of Republicans politicians not only failing to represent the best interests of their constituents, but actively working to harm those constituents. Of course, one could ask why those constituents keep voting to reelect people who repeatedly, on just about every issue, fight against them. And the answer would be…actually, just read “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” and you’ll get the idea (in short, Republicans are masters at riling people up against the “other,” at fostering fear and ignorance – and then preying on it, etc.).

h/t: Daily Kos

  • ir003436

    This is the kind of information that needs to go into letters to editors across the state.

    I am in HOD-99 where our delegate is Republican lap-dog Margaret Ransone.

    I used the info in this article to:

    1.  Send an email to her asking why she wants to kill 266 – 987 Virginians.

    2.  I’ll call her office tomorrow and ask the same.

    3.  I’m writing letters to the five newspapers that serve our region (2 daily, 3 weekly) asking the same question:  Why do Republicans want to kill almost 1,000 Virginians??

  • blue bronc

    1. Not responsible for others

    2. Too much money to save other lives

    3. Too much reliance on my money

    4. What happened to their insurance (complete ignorance of the real world where not everyone has insurance even with ACA)

    5. Not my problem (even if it is their problem)

    6. to infinity – Not my problem.

  • bobsims

    I could say that Obama will kill 40,000 people “needlessly” this year by refusing to ban automobiles. Or that by refusing to deport all illegal aliens you and your party are “needlessly” killing the homicide and drunk driving victims of these illegals.

    You geniuses need to understand that elections have consequences.  There are 2 things we are NOT going to let Democrats do to working people in this state:

    1. Take away their gun rights.

    2. Impose on them yet ANOTHER welfare giveaway program which over the years will cost Virginia taxpayers billions upon billions upon billions of dollars.

    Period. Full Stop.

    We just had that “debate” on this issue in November and your side lost 68-32. Big Time. Just last month we had a special election in District 100 for a DEMOCRAT seat with the welfare expansion (paid for ultimately by Virginia taxpayers-we are not fooled by your lies) was the main issue; your side lost a Democrat seat by 24%.  Now that’s a real landslide-not 47.8% with 2 rightwing candidate taking the majority.

    So if you want your gun grabbing and your endless billions in welfare expansion go out there, campaign on it and see if you can get working people to vote against their own interests by giving you control of the House.

    Personally, I don’t see you breaking 45 seats anytime in the next 30 years; you will be lucky to not go under 30 next year.

  • True Blue

    The talking points appear to be straight out of VA House Chair Howell’s mouthpiece, VA Citizens Defense League.  Too close to home.  

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    The answer to the GOPers is quite simple:

    If you refuse to expand Medicaid in Virginia, people will die. They will not get health care until it is too late to save them. They will also cost the state and its tax payers more money to treat them in the most expensive way – emergency room, then hopeless treatment after that.

    Any reasonable economist would be able to tell you that such behavior is stupid, wasteful, and cruel. But, then, whoever said conservatives actually can add and subtract?

  • Progressive1

    Someone should be sure to save the tape of the House members delivering the budget bill and posting the “Gone Home” sign.  It may be useful this fall

  • pvogel

    thanks  for using the word  I have used about GOP  for    the last 25 years… EVIL.         This fight over  healthcare   is  going to get even   worse.