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Speaking of Polls and Trolls


 photo 140318GoodlatteObamacarepoll_2_zps3ed5de36.jpgMy Congressperson, term limit posterchild, Bob Goodlatte (R-Va 6th) has a poll on his website asking “Do you support Obamacare?” It is smack in the middle of the page, just to the left of “The Gross National Debt” counter. Great to see he has his thumb on “constituency” hot buttons.

I hope you will visit his site to provide a more balanced survey for his staff of researchers. As you probably know, Bob panders to the Tea Party at every turn. These kinds of “scientific” ploys provide the cover that allow him and others like him to fabricate the façade of representation.

By the way, a Roanoke Zip code is 24017; one for Staunton is 24401.

  • Dan Sullivan

    With 600 participants.  

  • harvey1941

    This section of Virginia is bright red and hosts a large contingent of rabid right wing tea party nuts.

    Since they have no original thoughts, they depend totally on the Republican propaganda mediums to tell them what to think

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    With just 600 votes so far, please go and vote “yes.” You do not have to give a valid email. Just use a real email company, like gmail.com or yahoo.com. Other zip codes are 24014, 24012,