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Video: In Crude Language, Sen. Dick Saslaw Argues that Ethics Laws are Irrelevant, Unnecessary


Thanks to the Washington Post for catching Senate Democratic Majority Leader Dick Saslaw, unplugged. Sure, he’s entertaining, but he’s also dead wrong on the need for strong ethics laws (by his reasoning, outlawing murder wouldn’t prevent all murders, so why have laws against murder?). He’s also cringe-inducingly embarrassing, truly a disgrace to Virginia Democrats and to the Virginia State Senate. My god, this guy needed to retire a long time ago.

With that, here’s the video of Saslaw bizarre ramble about how “lobbyists, campaign contributions and gifts” are NOT the “problem in Virginia;” about how “in DC, there’s got to be a shuttlebus between the penitentiary and that city’s council chambers,” despite tough ethics laws; about how Mayor Vincent Gray is “up to his ass in alligators;” about the Prince George’s County Executive’s wife had “some bra, because…she had  $77,000 in $100 bills in there;” etc. So, according to Saslaw, the problem is electing people with a “computer chip in their head that’s not working, telling them the difference between right and wrong…and there’s no laws that you can pass…that would fix that…you couldn’t write a law to stop any of that.” Oh, and finally, Saslaw adds for good measure: “hell, we’ve got laws on the books – bank robbery, murder, armed robbery, embezzlement – and people still do it…because…they don’t know the difference between right and wrong.”

My god, somebody primary this clown!

P.S. No, not ALL the “bad guys” are on the Republican side…this guy doesn’t believe in ethics legislation, but does like money from predatory lenders!

  • so our senate leader doesn’t support ethics laws, our whip isn’t against conscience clauses, our soon to be party chair doesn’t support same sex marriage, and our governor is in favor of offshore oil drilling?

  • GBrandon

    Saslaw is proud of his pro-death penalty votes.  In fact, he brags about it.

    I’ve said it here and other places:  Sickles — in his role as Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, whose primary mission is to find and support strong candidates — failed to provide financial support two NoVA first timers who came so close to upsetting the despised Barbara Comstock and chameleon Tom Rust.  I’ll go further, I believe he undermined them by telling donors that they didn’t have a chance to win.  Rust won by a lousy 34 votes and Comstock — thanks to a late-breaking devastating and false TV slur commercial won by 400 votes.  This, after spending about three times what her Democratic opponent spent.  Oh, but for another $50,000.  

    And, what exactly was Charniele doing to elect more Democrats to the House of Delegates?  The record indicates NOTHING!  Maybe the DPVA Chair is institutionally powerless to provide tangible support, but come on!!!

  • kindler

    …when it’s time to retire.  When you’re walking around regularly saying stupid things, and taking stands contrary to the organization you’re supposed to be representing, guess what.  It’s time!

  • pvogel

    I like  Saslaw.      For the most part,  he  tells it like it is.    Ask him about  the trogs    Gop’ers  in  the  Sw  coal mining area and what THEY have to say  about   The Black President!

  • So, I actually might be moving into Saslaw’s district in a couple of months. I would have no problem being someone to challenge him in a primary in 2015. Would anyone here have my back if I were to do this?

  • Harry

    no need for ethics laws, just ask the car title companies