Yankees Fans Dominate Much of Virginia; Nationals the Favorite in NOVA


    Baseball season is about to begin, which makes me very happy for a couple reasons: 1) it means that spring is really here, after a horrible winter; and 2) baseball is my favorite sport, followed by NHL hockey, with the NFL and NBA not even distant runner ups in my book. 🙂  Anyway, I found this analysis by Facebook of which teams are most “liked” in different parts of the country. It turns out that here in Virginia, the Yankees (color-coded black on the map) – seriously?!? – are the favorite team in vast swaths of Virginia outside of Northern Virginia (with the exception of Yankees-loving Loudoun; hey, what’s up with that?!?). Except, that is, for southwestern Virginia, where the Atlanta Braves are the fan favorite. All I have to say about that is: go Nats! 🙂

    • Dan Sullivan

      I’d bet this is a Facebook demographic bias. I run into fans of those two teams in a number of Virginia sports bars.

    • demomatic

      I was listening to the game on the radio at work today, what a great way to start the season!

    • FreeDem

      You’ve always had a die hard base of Yankees fans (and Red Sox for that matter) across the nation, including Virginia.

      Historically, because they are the main Southern team, and because of the Richmond Braves, you’d have a much larger swath of Braves fans across southern Virginia.

      But with the Nationals establishing themselves, and the fade of the Richmond Braves, you’re seeing a transition. Braves fans are becoming Nationals fans.

      Outside of Northern Virginia though this is a slow process, and the main winner seems to be the Yankees.  

    • Paba

      And the Pirates (and to a certain extent, the Reds) are close behind in SW and the Shenandoah Valley.

      The O’s have been supplanted in NoVA for obvious reasons, but with the Tides still affiliated with them, I’m not sure why they fell off in Tidewater.

      Now, if the Nats were smart, they’d move their AA affiliation to Richmond. I get that they have a long history with Harrisonburg, PA, but they have nothing to gain in market share there. They can’t compete with the Phillies in that area. The Phils have 100 years+ up on them. There’s no excuse for them not trying to own at least the 95 corridor to Richmond.