Right-Wing Media #FAIL – Mediaite and Faux “News” Edition


    UPDATE 2:27 pm: Mediaite has posted a correction. That puts them several notches above Faux “News,” which rarely corrects its misinformation.

    Just one slight problem here: as of 5 pm yesterday, which was the filing deadline, the individual referenced below by Mediaite as a supposed “Dem candidate” in Virginia’s 7th CD, had not filed and therefore had not met the requirements to be on the ballot. On the 7th CD Virginia Democratic Committee website it says clearly, “Due to No Candidate filing, there will be no local caucuses or District Convention.” Yet somehow neither right-wing media outlets Faux “News” or Mediaite could figure that out. Much better to claim that this individual, with an…uh, colorful past…is a “Democratic congressional hopeful attempting to unseat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA).” Again, at least as of last night’s filing deadline, there is no “Democratic congressional hopeful attempting to unseat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.” Of course, we wouldn’t want little things like “facts” to get in the way of the right-wing media’s false narrative, now would we? LOL

    • murph

      Perhaps you should do a little more research before posting a story. Like you know, actually checking the source, instead of the democratic website: http://docquery.fec.gov/pdf/17

    • frisbee

      In many ways he seems like that guy the Republican’s put up in North Carolina to run for the Senate a few years ago, running without any visible means of support.  

      Then there’s last nights appearance on FOX w/ Greta Van Sustern, where made a fool of himself after advocating that the FCC regulate FAUX noise.

    • Paba

      We have candidates in the 2nd and 10th district. We have incumbents in the 3rd and 11th. We have a open safe D seat in the 8th.

      This means we have the wherewithal to go after less than half of the total seats in the state, this despite the 5th and 4th being R+5 and R+4 respectively and thus possible if everything breaks right (that’s a big if) that are totally empty. This despite the money and support our governor’s organization was supposed to bring. This despite the movement in our favor statewide in demographics.

      To be fair though, I do know of at least one candidate waiting to run on the 2016 ticket (where help from Hillary is presumed to help, but I’m not holding my breath), and we sadly lost Bruce Elder in the 6th due to his illness (get well soon, Bruce).

      Don’t blame it all on gerrymandering. You want to be in the minority when redistricting comes around again? I don’t.

      It’s never too early to also mention that there are between 5 and 10 very winnable seats up next year. Wonder how many will end up with a token challenger or no challenger?

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      One imperative, if we Democrats ever hope to regain the House of Delegates, is to COMPETE, even in paces where there is little chance of winning. That’s how the GOP grew its tiny HOD minority into a majority.  Running for the House of Representatives requires a candidate who can raise money and is someone independents will see as a possible congressional member. (The party in the 6th has never run such a candidate against Goodlatte, although Bruce Elder would have been an exception.) Running someone for the sake of running a warm body does little good in federal elections. However, one place to groom people for higher office is in local and state government. That’s where we need better recruitment and training of candidates.

      If Democrats can whittle away at the GOP super-majority in the House of Delegates, perhaps we can influence the next redistricting. Of course, that job would be easier if Democratic voters understood what GOP voters do: every election is important.

    • Mypalfootfoot

      Per the 5th district committee website, a convention is scheduled for May 31.  The filing deadline is listed as having been April 1.  Two candidates had previously announced campaigns: Ben Hudson, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel who ran as a write-in in 2012, and Lawrence Gaughan, an actor and founder of GOV360.  I couldn’t find any information whether either of them actually filed to run or if anyone else did.