BREAKING: Charniele Herring to Drop Out of 8th CD Race. And Then There Were 8….


    (My prediction was correct – Charniele has “suspended” her campaign. – promoted by lowkell)

    After weeks of rumors, I’m getting confirmation from reliable sources that Charniele Herring will be dropping out of the 8th CD Democratic primary race tomorrow. With Satish Korpe announcing his withdrawal this weekend, that will leave 8 candidates – Don Beyer, Lavern Chatman, Adam Ebbin, Bill Euille, Patrick Hope, Derek Hyra, Mark Levine and Bruce Shuttleworth – left in the race to succeed Rep. Jim Moran, with just over 4 weeks to go until the Democratic primary election day on June 10. Here are a few thoughts on Charniele Herring’s soon-to-be-past-tense campaign for Congress.

    1. It got off on the wrong foot, as Herring stayed on as DPVA Chair for almost two months (through March 15) after announcing her candidacy for Congress on January 23. Not cool. Even less cool was that she continued to send out emails in her capacity as DPVA Chair while running in a competitive Democratic primary. A lot of people were not happy about that, and she eventually stopped (for the most part), but c’mon.

    2. Herring didn’t perform well in straw polls during her run for Congress. For instance, she finished 6th at the Mt. Vernon Dems event on March 1 (with just 15 votes out of more than 400 cast). Herring’s high point in straw polls was at the one not even in the district (Gerry Connolly’s St. Patrick’s Day straw poll), at which she received 46 votes (13%), FAR behind Don Beyer’s 127 votes (34%). In the Alexandria Democrats’ straw poll on April 6, Herring finished fifth with just 21 votes – well behind Adam Ebbin, Don Beyer, Bill Euille and Patrick Hope – in her own backyard. That’s just embarrassing. She also received ZERO votes at Frank O’Leary’s St. Patrick’s Day straw poll in Arlington (Patrick Hope finished first in that one with 67 votes, followed by Don Beyer with 37 votes and Adam Ebbin with 31 votes).

    3. Herring was the only one of the candidates NOT to issue a statement about Dwight Jones’ candidacy for DPVA Chair. As was often the case with the Herring campaign, there was simply no response at all to requests for comment. Lame.

    4. Herring received an “F” grade from yours truly for a complete lack of help to Arlington County Democratic Board nominee Alan Howze. That’s particularly bad when you consider that Herring was DPVA Chair. I mean, you’d think she’d care about helping to elect Democrats (other than herself, that is). Apparently not.

    5. Herring’s performance in the first Democratic “forum” of the campaign was beyond abysmal. As I wrote at the time:

    – She speaks barely above a whisper, with absolutely no confidence, struggles badly in trying to answer this straightforward question (which she should have been prepared for, but apparently wasn’t). Bottom line: it’s clear that Charniele Herring’s’s wayyyyy out of her league when it comes to foreign policy. This is very close to diqualifying in and of itself for someone running for Congress, which deals with crucial foreign policy questions all the time.

    In fairness, Herring DID improve in the NAACP forum in Alexandria and the GMU Arlington debate, but that just makes her first debate performance even more baffling.

    6. Herring’s 1Q14 fundraising numbers were not impressive, with $121,315 in receipts and $89,675 cash on hand. On top of everything mentioned above, Herring apparently has little ability to raise money.

    7. Herring performed poorly in the Blue Virginia poll of large swaths of the 8th CD. Worst of all, she only polled at 10% in her own district, behind Bill Euille (14%), “undecided” (26%) and Don Beyer (33%). That’s beyond embarrassing, and really reflects on her name ID and popularity in her own House of Delegates district. As an 8th CD Democratic staffer put it to me earlier this evening, Herring’s so weak in her district she would probably lose a primary to Derek Hyra. In other districts, it was even worse — just 0.9% support in Patrick Hope’s House of Delegates district, just 1.3% support in Adam Ebbin’s State Senate district, just 5.0% support in Alexandria overall. Really, really weak.

    8. The question is not whether this disastrous campaign hurts Charniele Herring’s ambitions for statewide office (by many accounts, that’s what she’s really interested in), but how badly it hurts her. Personally, after watching this campaign, and also after hearing many people’s scathing, off-the-record comments about her stint as DPVA Chair, I can’t imagine ever supporting her for statewide office. Based on numerous conversations, I can assert very confidently that this feeling is not unique to me. The question is, does Charniele Herring realize it? From what I hear, it sounds like she doesn’t.

    • pvogel

      seeing as this  was Charniels   first  true  campaign,   she had the most  to learn (Spoiler… I am one of  supporters} The  next statewide  elections  are    3.5  years away,   and    55%  of the electoret  will be  neww arrivals  to virginia.This   camaign   will be   a trivial pursuit  question  for  sure.  Remember  Terry Mccauliff  los  in a primary?????

    • campaignman

      There is enormous risk and a great deal of work involved in running for higher office.  Kudos for giving it your all and standing up for the issue of women’s right, in particular.  We all look forward to your continued progressive leadership in the House of Delegates.

    • As expected…

      I entered this race for Congress to bring my voice and experience to the table, and to ensure that our issues – including women’s health, protecting the social safety net and improving access to quality education – are front and center in the race for Virginia’s 8th Congressional District.  Together, we achieved exactly that.

      I am thankful for all of the support we received!  With hundreds of grassroots donors, tens of thousands of calls made to potential voters and dozens of meet and greets across the district, I am proud of the work we have done together in this campaign.

      But after looking at our polling and consulting with many supporters, I have decided to suspend my campaign for Congress.  For us, the path to victory is simply too narrow this time around.

      This isn’t a decision I have reached lightly. I also wouldn’t step aside if I wasn’t convinced there was another candidate in this race willing to fight for our values and work across the aisle to move America forward.

      After much reflection and conversations with several candidates, I am convinced that Don Beyer is committed to defending our progressive values in Congress – and that’s why I am proud to announce my endorsement of Don Beyer for Congress in Virginia’s 8th District.

      Don Beyer has served the Commonwealth as Lt. Governor, and as a leader in Richmond he made tough choices in an effort to work across the aisle to make life better for many in Virginia. He fought to protect a woman’s right to choose in the Legislature time and again, and I am confident that Don Beyer will be an advocate on Capitol Hill for women and their right to privacy. After speaking with Don, it is clear in Congress he will fight for economic justice, from raising the minimum wage to increasing access to higher education to ensuring the continuity of SNAP, and for that he has my strong support.

      I hope you will take a few minutes and learn more about my friend Don Beyer.  He’s going to be great!

      To all who stood with us in this race – thank you.  We still have work ahead, and as a Member of the Virginia House of Delegates you can bet I’ll keep up the fight. See you out there!

      Charniele Herring

    • listlady

      What might he have offered her now or in the future?

    • Charniele Herring’s inspiring life exemplifies the American Dream. Her life, growing up in a homeless shelter, getting an education, and eventually becoming the Chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia, gives hope to all Americans who begin life with hardships that are not their fault. I keep Charniele’s life in mind as I work to make sure that every Virginian has a chance to succeed. And I will continue to press forward with my plan to make higher education more affordable so that more Americans have the opportunities she had.

      I am fortunate to have shared the stage with Delegate Herring during this campaign, and I will continue to work hard to protect the rights of women and children that she has long championed in Virginia and nationwide.

    • “I have known Delegate Charniele Herring for many years and greatly appreciate the passion and energy she brought to the race for Congress in the 8th Congressional District. I appreciate the focus she has brought to the issue of women’s reproductive rights.

      Her service to the 46th District and the Democratic Party of Virginia is a testament to her drive to make a difference in the lives of Virginians everywhere.” – Senator Adam Ebbin

    • Charniele Herring is an outstanding member of the House of Delegates. She decided to end her campaign for Congress today and I want to publicly congratulate her for the strong effort she put together.

      Charniele and I have talked frequently on the campaign trail about standing up for the working poor and middle class. I am the only candidate left in this campaign focused on a populist economic message to stand up for those in the shadows of communities across the United States. If you supported Charniele I would welcome your support of my campaign now.

    • Friends, I want to take a moment to thank Del. Charniele Herring for Congress. Charniele is Alexandria’s Delegate and I have never been prouder of our representation.

      I know how hard it is to get work done in the General Assembly. I know what it’s like to have to fight against overwhelming odds to pass legislation that will protect and empower all members of our community.

      It isn’t easy.

      But Charniele has never backed down. She has never stopped fighting. And, because of her determination, drive and dedication, she has passed historic legislation. We all owe her our gratitude.

      She is a constant inspiration to me and her endorsement is humbling. I vow to fight as hard for you as Charniele has fought for all of us. Thank you.