Hope Fires Back at Cuccinelli’s “Gun Rights” Firm


    (I love this: Patrick Hope is essentially pledging that if he’s elected to Congress, he’ll work to put Ken Cuccinelli’s bizarre “gun rights” firm out of business. P.S. Video added by me. – promoted by lowkell)

    Calls for new federal law to ban this type of legal offering

    Patrick Hope issued the following statement today, after his interview in yesterday’s segment on NBC News in Richmond regarding Ken Cuccinelli’s new law firm:

    “I was absolutely appalled to see the news that former VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli founded a new law firm to specialize in defending people who commit crimes with guns. His website even highlighted George Zimmerman as the kind of defendant they could help and then removed the reference after it received attention. The firm is soliciting payments of around $10 a month as a retainer for free legal services should their client commit a crime with a gun.

    At a minimum, this type of behavior is unethical for an attorney to be paid in anticipation of a crime- especially one with guns. I believe we can outlaw this in the U.S. Congress by passing a bill that would prohibit such arrangements in criminal cases.  

    Tony Soprano might appreciate this type of legal offering, but we need to outlaw this type of solicitation before it encourages more people like George Zimmerman to commit a crime with a gun.”

    Patrick’s interview on NBC News in Richmond can be found here: http://blogs.nbc12.com/decisio…

    • JHooe44

      …I don’t think there is any real reason or legal grounds to make it outlaw this practice. So long as people are willing to spend their money paying a retainer in case they use their weapons for “self-defense,” I don’t think the government can reasonably interfere in that private transaction.

      The problem here is the risk pool mentioned in the video. I don’t think this is a profitable idea, unless the retainer has some very specific opt-outs that would allow Cooch & Co. to bail when the shooter needs them. Or perhaps they’re just taking advantage of heightened paranoia around guns and self-defense while also noticing the decline in violent crimes and make a few quick bucks for very little actual work?

      Whether we like it or not, there’s not a lot we can do about people like Ccooch taking advantage of people’s stupidity who are willing to spend $120+/yr. on this gimmick.

      But hey, in the 8th CD taking a shot (I apologize for the pun) at Cooch certainly won’t hurt Hope’s standing with voters. So, this all makes sense.

    • ericd

      I think Cuccinelli is a despicable politician, and despicable businessman, and a despicable man, but I don’t understand how Hope thinks Congress has the right to outlaw a legal business practice.  This strikes me as just pandering, and misleading people to believe it’s something that he has any chance at succeeding at.  And I’m insulted by that.  

    • brown before green

      That is a large part of legislation.