Home 2014 Races “Huge loss for Eric Cantor…his top lieutenant Linwood Cobb is toppled”

“Huge loss for Eric Cantor…his top lieutenant Linwood Cobb is toppled”


Ruh roh, looks like Eric Can’tor has a little problem in his district. Such a sad, sad, sad shame. 😉 For more, see The Bull Elephant blog, which had reported a bit earlier this afternoon:

Eric Cantor and Dave Brat speaking. Cantor getting booed, criticizing how it’s easy to throw stones from ivory towers…he’s really, really hitting back at Brat. I’ve never seen Cantor this forceful. Angry even.

IMHO, he shouldn’t get in the mud…makes him look smaller. But kudos to him for engaging in the back and forth. Folks in the crowd yelling out at him. Big boos when he tries to call Brat a liberal.

This speech is going to make the papers.

More popcorn, please! 🙂 In all seriousness, though, it looks like the GOP “establishment” hasn’t gotten the Tea Party completely under control yet, as they’ve been pounding their chests about for months now. Such a shame, huh?

UPDATE: Check it out from Republican blogger Lynn R. Mitchell (she’s referring to Tea Partiers who “came in by the busload Saturday morning to vote at the 7th Congressional District Convention in Richmond”):

When the vote was announced, they cheered. They screamed. They high-fived. They danced around wearing their t-shirts and lapel stickers. They were overheard saying, “They said it couldn’t be done!” They gathered in groupings for photos holding signs.

Hope they are ready to work as hard as Linwood and his 7th Congressional District Committee.

Today, the Democrats’ grins got wider as they watched the continuing implosion of the Republican Party of Virginia. One young black man wearing Cantor stickers, after the vote was announced, turned toward the door and said, “I’m done.”

Wonder how much damage has just been done….

UPDATE #2: Republican Party activist, blogger and former GOP candidate Brian Schoeneman comments, “The lunatics are now running the asylum down in the 7th…The folks down there consider Cantor a liberal. That’s why he got booed…And that’s insane.” It sure is. Eric Can’tor is perhaps not as far right as Attila the Hun or whoever, but he’s close. Let’s just be crystal clear about this: there’s nothing “liberal” about Eric Can’tor. Zilch.

UPDATE #3: The new Republican chair of Rep. Eric Cantor’s 7th district had this to say about Cantor“Notice I have NOT addressed Mr. Cantor as ‘Representative Cantor’, because I do not feel he properly represents us, in many ways.!” This should be fun to watch.

UPDATE #4: Gruber also had this to say:

I’m sure he’d like the glory of continuing to be district chair and driving that big black SUV that’s parked out front with the VA7GOP license plate on it. Looks like a government Nazi car. Eric Cantor drives one. Secret Service drives them. Big black, you’ve seen it, obviously, in some kind of government film.

Ee gads.

  • I was extremely disappointed to hear of the results of today’s 7th district Republican Convention. Linwood Cobb has served our party well for years, and he deserved to be re-elected as the 7th district’s Republican Chair.

    Clearly, there is a battle taking place for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. We are seeing this battle play out all across our state. While the voice of every Republican should be heard, our challenge is to figure out how to be a conservative party, without allowing the most extreme voices of the day to control our party and determine its future direction.

    I remain committed to aggressive efforts to reform the Republican Party and get it back to a more mainstream place. If we cannot accomplish this, we will drive away more and more traditional Republicans and it will become almost impossible for us to reach out to the broader cross section of Virginians whose support we need to win elections and earn the right to lead.

    h/t: Lynn R. Mitchell

  • …it looks like they’re more fired up to defeat Eric Cantor than to defeat Mark Warner! LOL

  • pvogel

    I mean,  could you imagine   a  mainstream  GOPventurd  doing that?       The GOP,  which  has  a severe case  of benghazi  fever   going on      Is  a   walking  relic

  • From The Bull Elephant, which is doing a great job covering this (much better than the corporate media).

    The outcome today has shocked the so-called establishment in Virginia’s GOP to its core. Likely nowhere is this shock felt more deeply than among the top backers of U.S. Senate candidate Ed Gillespie. It is unlikely that Ed’s team anticipated this big of an expression of anger and discontent among the grassroots activist base in the “establishment” bastion of the 7th District. I’m sure the reception Shak Hill received from those in attendance who favored Gruber over Cobb has not gone unnoticed by Gillespie’s team, and that they have grasped that Ed could actually lose at the June convention in Roanoke. Conversely, the events in the 7th District were a shot in the arm for Shak Hill, whose campaign has been flying under the radar with very little money and a shortage of staff and statewide organization. It would easy to read too much significance into this for the Senate race, but it should be a big warning sign for Gillespie.

  • ir003436

    I’m praying for lots of casualties on both sides.

  • Nice work by Lynn R. Mitchell, doing what the corporate media apparently doesn’t have the resources/ability to do…actually cover an important political event!

    12:45: Congressman Eric Cantor is now addressing the room. There’s boos, something I didn’t hear when Mr. Bratt went up to speak.

    I hear the inaccuracies of Mr. Bratt. (Boos.) Free speech means decency also. It’s easy to sit in the Ivory towers of a college campus with no accountability and no consequence (boos). It’s easy to say you’re going to go after Obama but it is an entirely different thing to actually do it. Unless we do it, to stand up and be counted. [Applause, cheers.] I stood up and led the opposition to Obamacare. [cheers, applause] I went to the White House in person and held up 2,000 pages of Obamacare and asked himt o defend it, and he couldn’t. And then he came to Richmond several times after that to attack me.  After that, I went after totally repealing Obamacare. If we can beat Mark Warner, we can get the SEnate to also repeal thebill. My opponent was MIA during the battle. [angry shouts from crowd – hope no one is packing in this room]

    While I was fighting against our president, my opponent served on an economic advisory board… [can’t hear the rest because of boos from the opposition. This is shameful for a REpublican gathering].  This is one of the rudest crowds I’ve ever been around. They want to take over the Republican Party????

    [I am shocked at the behavior of this crowd.]

    I’m glad there’s security. Meanwhile, the architects of this – Radtke, McSweeney, Albertson, Moulton – have satisfied looks on their faces in the back of the room. They appear to be content with this behavior.

    Tea party and libertarians….

  • kindler

    When you’ve got the district party chairman of the #2 ranking member in the U.S. House refusing to call that member “Representative” and saying he drives a “Nazi car” — then, you may not have a healthy party there…

    Instead of playing the usual defeatist Democrat role and conceding yet another election, we need to take advantage of these types of weaknesses and nail these guys to the wall in November.  Or else we’ll just keep ending up with leaders who are more and more wacko super-ultra conspiracy-theory conservative.

  • The video is sideways, which somehow seems appropriate for this crowd. Also, this is not the complete Cantor speech; he reportedly was booed earlier as well. On the other hand, Cantor got some cheers from the extremist crowd for throwing red meat to the mob about the supposed evils of Barack Obama, about “holding Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress” (for invoking her 5th Amendment rights – Cantor demonstrates yet again that he neither respects or follows the Constitution), “Harry Reid’s amnesty bill” being “DOA” in the House (reality check: it’s definitely NOT an “amnesty bill” and it passed the Senate with bipartisan support), and of course the right wingnuts’ favorite bogeyman of Benghazeeeeee!!!! Just utterly pathetic on every level. Cantor richly deserves to be defeated — not by his nutty opponent, but by a serious Democratic nominee. Is there anyone out there who fits that bill? So far, it doesn’t seem that way. 🙁

  • pontoon

    is reaping what he has sown.  These guys have lied to, cajoled, and cheered on the extreme right, and now it is coming back to bit them in the arse.  I believe, however, the only way to ever get a Dem elected in many of Virginia’s Congressional Districts is to have a Dem run against one of these right-wing GOP extremists.  The decks have been stacked against us in redistricting and until 2020, we have little chance of taking a Congressional seat.

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  • AnonymousIsAWoman

    The GOP establishment was too clever by half when they thought they could encourage these ever rightward moving extremists and use them to win elections but then be able to control them and reign them in so they wouldn’t cause their party to lose the general election, where people are not so extreme.

    Of course, it reminds me of the time we did the same thing, inviting Eldridge Cleaver and Bobby Seale and the Black Panthers; Bernadine Dohrn and the Weather Underground; and Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin and the Yippies into the Democratic Party.  Oh wait…we never did that!

    Somehow even the most liberal of Democrats, like Bella Abzug, who was pretty out there, never flirted with the far left the way the Republican mainstream has with the far right.  It’s sad to watch, but they really are reaping the bitter roots of what they have sown by encouraging the radical fringe.