Video: President Obama Addresses Veterans Administration Scandal


    It’s good to see that President Obama is on top of this situation, vowing that “if there was misconduct, people will be punished” and that “our veterans don’t become another political football.” I strongly agree with President Obama that this should NOT be politicized, but instead is “an area where Democrats and Republicans should always be working together.” Because, the fact is, this is a problem that goes back many years and many administrations, with plenty of blame to go around (e.g., see Republicans outraged over treatment of veterans filibustered better health care for vets in February). At this point, though, how about we just focus on fix ing the problem for a change, instead of trying to score political points?

    • YelowDawg

      Before embarking on two needless wars, we all knew the VA medical system couldn’t handle the numbers of wounded and damaged veterans that would be the inevitable result.

      Veterans don’t deserve second class care. Let’s close the entire VA medical system down and give each vet a medical card to cover their needs at a facility of their own choice.

      A parallel medical system is redundant and expensive.  Veterans deserve the best care. We need to give it to them because they earned it.