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Audio: Rand Paul Talks “Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrel” on Conference Call with EW Jackson


From a bit earlier today. Nothing too crazy (by Republican standards, that is) on this call, other than the fact that Paul would appear with the extremist bigoted theocrat E.W. Jackson at all! As for Paul’s outrage over “Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrel,” I think that just tells you how serious (or more to the point, NOT serious!) he is. Yes, of all the burning issues facing our country, some marketing campaign that probably brought in more money than it spent, and either way was miniscule, is what Paul spends his time on? What a pathetic joke.

P.S. Since I’m the one who publicized this call earlier today, my ears were burning when Jackson said he’s been informed that troublemakers (aka, “liberals,” “bloggers,” etc.) might try to get on the call and ask Rand Paul real questions. Hahahaha.

  • Dan Sullivan

    That was a duck and run call. I do not think that one (Rand) is any different than the other (E.W.; or as we like to call him, eeeewwwwwww) regards sophistication. Rand is evidence of genetic intellectual regression toward the mean.

  • I stopped recording and hung up after Rand Paul got off the call. Apparently, the “fun” was only beginning and I should have stayed on the call! Ee gads.

    P.S. Jackson also claims that there is a “latent anti-Semitism that’s coming out of this administration.” Hey dude? I’m Jewish, pro-Israel, and you’re completely full of crap.

    P.P.S. Another classic EW Jackson quote – “This administration is evil, it’s just evil.” Complete nutjob. Get this guy to an insane asylum now!