One Potential 2016 Presidential Candidate Dems Can Cross Off Right Now


    Yes, I realize that Hillary Clinton is likely to run for President in 2016, in which case she’ll win the Democratic nomination easily. But just in case she doesn’t, all kinds of people are likely to throw their hats in the ring. That includes some, er, “unusual” characters, like former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who as the TPM article notes, “doesn’t have much of a filter.”

    In this case, we’ve got Schweitzer musing on Eric Cantor setting off his “gaydar” and how “men in the South, they are a little effeminate” with “effeminate mannerisms.” Add that to Schweitzer’s appearance a few days ago at an “exclusive confab of chief executives and Republican donors hosted by Mitt Romney,” and I think we can safely cross this clown off our lists as a potential 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate. Kind of reminds of me of that crazy Mike Gravel dude who ran in 2008. No thanks.

    P.S. What goes off when I see Eric Cantor isn’t any form of “gaydar,” it’s my “idiot-dar” and “emptysuit-dar,” alerting me to the fact that the individual in question is a stuffed shirt who’s certainly not the brightest bulb on the block…

    P.P.S. Oh great, Schweitzer has more offensive, idiotic s*** to spew.

    suggests that Sen. Dianne Feinstein was a streetwalker for the U.S. intelligence community.

    “She was the woman who was standing under the streetlight with her dress pulled all the way up over her knees,” Schweitzer says of Feinstein, “and now she says, ‘I’m a nun,’ when it comes to this spying I mean, maybe that’s the wrong metaphor-but she was all in!”

    • Fairfax Voter

      Reminds me of his tiresome insults that when it comes to DC, “I don’t want that smell on me,” the weather is bad, the traffic is worse, the people are liars, etc.

      I picture him as the annoying kid in junior high, trying to get attention by loud-mouthed insults, but that kid has the excuse he hasn’t grown up yet.

      To quote his own clever remark, I don’t want that smell on me, as a voter. Yes, please, let’s all cross him off.

    • Dan Sullivan

      Thank the fates for Elizabeth Warren.

    • I adore Brian Schweitzer, but I can’t defend what he said in any way. Stupid crap like that this will probably prevent him from mounting any credible national campaign.

      What makes this shameful is that Schweitzer had the potential to be a true champion of the people in the Democratic field next year since Sen. Elizabeth Warren will NOT be running. Schweitzer has an amazing ability to communicate progressive ideas such as a single-payer healthcare system, campaign finance laws that don’t treat corporations as people and advocating for the reform of our broken immigration system. Remember, this is the guy who is seen as the antidote to the Max Baucus school of Democratic thinking on economic issues.

      However, if he does still run, I will still gladly send him a check (just like I did with Joe Biden in 2008) because there will likely be no other candidate in the race who has the same amount of passion on these issues coupled with the being able to show results on them as well.

    • campaignman

      Brian Schweitzer made a great speech at a state party JJ dinner a few dinners back.  He was marvelous when speaking about immigration.  He had a speech at the ’08 Democratic National Convention which was so good he was a serious choice for VP.  Given that talent, he would have been a serious choice for VP under Hillary too.

      These comments are very stupid and, if he apologizes properly, for both of them, he may be able to rebuild his image.  In reality though, a national politician must have better judgment.  When they begin a comment with “maybe I shouldn’t say this but” and do it anyway, they aren’t ready for prime time.

      By the way, I think Tim Kaine would make an outstanding VP.  Key elements of his appeal are his ability to speak Spanish, his natural integrity, his affability and his intelligence.  

      As for the GOP, unless the GOP nominee is Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, there is a very high likelihood that Susana Martínez of New Mexico will be the GOP VP nominee.  She would be viewed as able to cut into the women and Hispanic vote that would normally go to the Democrats.  

      Of course, on the up side, Ted Cruz has a very good chance of winning the nomination.

      Right now though, it would appear, along with Cruz, Mitt Romney and Rand Paul have the best chances at becoming the GOP nominee.

      Still, my bet is that Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan becomes the nominee.

      A double Governor ticket of Snyder and Martinez would be a ticket not tied to hated Washington, DC and not held responsible for GOP votes by Congress.  They would get a pass, even though they are Republicans.

      Snyder has a law degree and a business degree.  He’s been a venture capitalist and, today, he just closed a grand bargain deal to save Detroit.

      They would make a formidable team, especially if the primary process doesn’t expose Snyder as an independent thinker who accepts science, at least when it comes to climate change.

      Clinton/Kaine vs. Snyder/Martinez would be a very tough race.