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Rep. Jim Moran Honors Longtime Aid, Friend Mame Reiley


A sad day for Virginia Democrats. 🙁

Washington D.C. — Representative Jim Moran, today mourned the loss of his former Campaign Manager, Chief of Staff, and friend Mame Reiley (photo by Jack Powers of Mame at the Alexandria Democratic Committee’s JJ Dinner a few weeks ago) after a long battle with cancer:

“I loved Mame.  She was an indomitable force of personality and determination, always loyal, always committed to the principles of fairness and compassion.  She’s the one who convinced me to run for Congress in the first place.  She was my Campaign Manager and Chief of Staff and most importantly, my friend.  She always had my back and I’ll miss her dearly.”

Mame Reiley was a fixture of Democratic politics at the local, state, and national level.  Rep. Moran has credited her with first convincing him to run for Congress, before managing his upstart campaign against a longtime Republican incumbent and running his House office as Chief of Staff.

Then Governor Mark Warner appointed her to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority in 2002 to manage National Airport and Dulles International Airport.  She rose to serve as Chair of MWAA from 2005-2007 where she was instrumental in helping secure Rail to Dulles.  She retired from the MWAA Board in 2012 after a decade of service.

Arrangements aren’t known at this time.

P.S. See the Washington Post obituary – a very nice one – of Mame.



    ~ On the death of Mame Reiley ~

    WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-VA) issued the following statement upon the death of Mame Reiley:

    “Mame Reiley was a force of nature. She could be your strongest ally and your most demanding critic at the same time. Most of us knew Mame through politics, but her closest friends knew that her family, her faith and her church were very important parts of her life.

    “Mame loved the rough and tumble of politics. She was a passionate advocate for her candidates and causes, and was enormously respected even by her opponents.  As someone who built a successful career planning top-level events, there’s absolutely no one who could throw a party like Mame Reiley.

    “Mame was well loved, and she will be missed by her family and many friends, of which I’m proud to have been one.”

  • RICHMOND – DPVA Chair Mayor Dwight Jones’ statement on the passing of lifelong member of our Virginia Democratic family, Mame Reiley.

    “It is with a heavy heart that I send my condolences to the family of Mame Reiley. Mame was a fierce Democratic advocate  and friend to Virginia Democrats who fought each and every day for Virginians across the Commonwealth. She will be widely missed, but her legacy of integrity, hard-work, and tenacity will never be forgotten,” said DPVA Chair Mayor Dwight Jones.

    Reiley began working as a political operative for Rep. Jim Moran and was later appointed by Governor Mark Warner to run Dulles International Airport. Most recently, she was Chair of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority and was an integral part in expanding the Metro’s Silver Line.

  • DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement on the passing of DNC Women’s Caucus Chair Mame Reiley:

    “I am heartbroken by the loss of my friend, Mame Reiley. Mame represented the best of the grassroots activism that is at the foundation of our party and her work ethic, commitment and dedication are irreplaceable. Mame was a leader devoted to the Democratic Party and passionate about advancing women as leaders of our Party and to elected office.

    “Ever since she was a child in Virginia cheering on John Kennedy’s campaign for President, Mame was organizing, agitating, and fighting for our party. Most recently, as the leader of the Women’s Caucus, Mame has tirelessly advocated for women in politics and dedicated her life to their success and advancement.

    “Her political counsel was valued among many Virginia Democrats, including Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, and Jim Moran, and I can’t blame them. Her wit was sharp, her advice was on point, and her perspective was invaluable. I  have welcomed and appreciated Mame’s consistent guidance and counsel on issues important to women throughout my tenure as Chair.

    “Most importantly, Mame was a true friend and a resolute fighter. Having undergone my own battle with breast cancer, it has been difficult to see her face this struggle the last four years. She fought cancer as she took on every fight, with grace and a quiet ferocity. On behalf of those who were fortunate enough to have known Mame, she will be deeply missed.”