SNARK: A Few More “Pride Caucuses” Virginia Needs in Addition to “***skins Pride”


    OK, since several Virginia legislators have put aside other pressing matters – like, er, expanding Medicaid for hundreds of thousands of Virginians – to…no, this is not an Onion parody…form a “Pride Caucus” for the Washington NFL team with the racist name (which plays in Maryland, by the way), here are a few other ideas for “Pride Caucuses” our fine legislators might consider forming next. All are for businesses located in Virginia.

    *Altria (nee, Phillip Morris) Pride Caucus: HQ’ed in  Henrico, this fine company has brought cancer, lung disease, etc. to millions for decades. Definitely something to (not) take pride in!

    *Dominion Virginia Power Pride Caucus! Who wouldn’t take “pride” in a company which has pretty much bought and paid for the Virginia General Assembly to be its wholly-owned subsidiary? Especially given its unofficial motto, “Global Warming Starts Here!” PRIDE!

    *Alpha Natural Resources Pride Caucus: Blowing up Virginia mountains and poisoning our air and water for generations, what’s not to be “proud” of?

    *Smithfield Foods Pride Caucus: Abusing its workers and animals, busting unions, polluting the environment (can we say hog sewage lagoons?) for generations. Again, it seems to me that at least a few Virginia legislators, many of whom have taken $$$ from Smithfield Foods, would take “pride” in that!

    So, who’s going to jump on the bandwagon and form a few more “pride” caucuses here in Virginia? I mean, it’s not like there’s other work to do or anything, plus these poor, beleaguered (actually wealthy and powerful) corporations need SOMEBODY to stick up for them, right? (end extreme snark)

    P.S. How about the Persecuted White Straight Christian Males Pride Caucus next?

    • From left to right:

      Del. Jackson Miller (R)

      Del. Lionel Spruill (D)

      Del. David Ramadan (R)

      Del. Frank Ruff (R)

      Sen. Louise Lucas (D)

      Del. Bill Stanley (R)

      (not sure – maybe Republican Del. Michael Webert?)

      Del. Michael Futrell (D)

      Sen. Chap Petersen (D)

    • Alan Suderman’s Twitter account.

      “Redskins’ own media guys here”

      “Del. Jackson Miller on Redskins name controversy: ‘political correctness on steroids in overdrive.'”

    • The Richmonder

      I solemnly promise that I will never help any Democrat who has supported the R******s. They are dead to me.

    • The Richmonder

      We have to arrange primary challenges for every single Democrat who supports the racist “R******s.”

    • Dan Sullivan

      2001 – Mark Warner; $25,000

      2013 – Terry McAuliffe; $25,000

      In 2002 he donated $250 to Robert Gordon who was running in a nonpartisan race for Loudoun County Board Chair.  

    • GBrandon

      Virginia Uranium Pride

      What’s up with Chap & company co-opting the whole “Pride” thing, too?