Video: John Boehner Blames Eric Cantor’s Loss On…Wait for It…President Obama!!


    We know that Teapublicans are incredible in their delusions, psychological projection, spin, and outright lying. Still, even allowing for that, this drivel by John Boehner is most definitely THE brain-dead stupidest “analysis” I’ve heard yet regarding Eric Cantor’s primary loss to Tea Partier Dave Brat on Tuesday. Somehow it’s President Obama’s fault?!? Of course, as I’ve said many times, if Barack Obama singlehandedly cured cancer, Republicans would blame him for a) not curing all other diseases; b) not curing cancer sooner; and c) the cure costing too much (no matter what it cost).

    • So, Rick Perry, how about you have the propensity to be a bigoted, ignorant imbecile but choose not to be one?

    • leedynamo

      We’re gonna have a campaign again……  We’ll see if Boner’s Airy, Vacuous message works.  I think the tide could be turning.  When it’s all over the Republicans will be owed credit for assisting the Democrats.