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Virginia 8th CD Democratic Voter Turnout #FAIL


That’s right, over 65,000 people voted in the 7th CD Republican primary vs. just 39,000 in the 8th CD Democratic primary, despite the fact that the districts are almost identical in population. Also note: Dave Brat singlehandedly received almost as many votes (36,120) as the entire number of Virginia 8th CD Democrats (38,847) who voted in our primary on Tuesday. Brat also received more than twice the votes of the 8th CD Democratic primary winner, Don Beyer. The question is, why did such a miniscule number of 8th CD Democrats turn out on Tuesday? Note that I’m NOT arguing in any way/shape/form that the RESULT of the 8th CD Democratic primary was bad, just that the lack of participation was pathetic and inexcusable in a country where our right to vote is a precious right, obligation, duty, etc.

  • DCCyclone

    There is nothing wrong with the disparity.

    VA-07 had extraordinarily high turnout because a lot of Republicans were angry at Cantor, and anger is motivating.  An angry voter is more likely to vote than a pacified one.  That 65K turnout is extremely unusual for a June primary with only a U.S. House race on the ballot.

    VA-08 voters had nothing to be angry about, they had a variety of choices who were largely acceptable and felt pacified.  That we’re in the 2nd term of a Democratic Presidency is further pacifying, there’s no displaced anger to motivate.

    Compare to VA-01 where Wittman had a primary and only just over 17.4K voted, compared to nearly 39K in VA-08.  So it’s not Democrats turning out poorly compared to Republicans.  It’s simply that Cantor was unique.