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Virginia Primary Day: Open Thread


Today is primary election day in Virginia (polls are open from 6 am to 7 pm; vote at your regular polling location), including a Democratic primary in the 8th CD (the candidates are Don Beyer, Patrick Hope, Adam Ebbin, Mark Levine, Bill Euille, Lavern Chatman, Derek Hyra), plus Republican primaries in the 1st (Rep. Rob Wittman vs. Anthony Reidel) and 7th (Rep. Eric Cantor vs. David Brat) CDs.

So…what are you seeing and hearing out there? What’s turnout like in your neck of the woods? Who did you vote for and why? Feel free to add your observations in the comments section. As for me, as of 6 am on Election Day I’m still not sure who I’m going to vote for when I walk into the booth in a few hours. And yes, this is extremely unusual for me, as I usually know weeks if not months in advance who I’m going to support and why. This time? Not so much…

  • OrangeDem

    Serious question. Do I have to make a loyalty pledge to the GOP in order to vote in the Cantor primary?

  • political.junky.NOVA

    I strongly support Adam along with many people I have met recently.  In his quiet but effective way Adam gets liberal legislation passed.  He is persistent, effective, dedicated and truly understands our district.

  • “#18 at Hollin Hall at 726am – make sure you vote today!”

  • No lines before 9 at Lyon Park or Fillmore precincts in Arlington. It’s not great outside for the before work rush, and it might later for when people might have put off voting – so we’ll see what that does for turnout.  

  • Another Scott

    Only a handful of signs out front.  Seems pretty quiet.

    No waiting.  No excuse not to go out and vote!



  • OrangeDem

    . . . in eastern Orange County.

    Was there a little before 8:45. Only volunteer out front was for Brat. Probably first time I’ve ever seen a volunteer at this polling place for a non-county office candidate.

    I voted for Brat because I think Cantor is pond scum and would do anything legal to embarrass him.  

  • OrangeDem

    . . . in eastern Orange County.

    Was there a little before 8:45. Only volunteer out front was for Brat. Probably first time I’ve ever seen a volunteer at this polling place for a non-county office candidate.

    I voted for Brat because I think Cantor is pond scum and would do anything legal to embarrass him.  

  • One other person arrived at the same time as me and another person came in while I was filling out the ballot. Only seven signs in front of the entrance (3 Beyer and 2 each for Levine and Hope) and no one out front distributing literature.

  • Fairfax Voter

    I was going to vote anyway! But a knock on the door at 9:15 from a friendly Beyer volunteer got the process rolling a little earlier than expected.

    At some point we should go back and rate the mailers. To me, they seemed more important than usual because there were so many candidates with similar views — and, as a result, lots of furrowed-brow primary voters looking for something to read over and/or stand out from the crowd. I thought some of them were really exceptional and wish I had kept a collection.

    Go Dems!

  • PassionateJus

    I really can’t decide and I need to go vote soon. I really want a strong progressive.

  • My wife Kelly and I, that is…

  • Ron

    VERY low turnout so far. I am almost 100% universally out of town on election days (usually for work travel), so unusual for me not to be voting in-person absentee early at Alexandria’s Electoral Board central absentee precinct.

    Only Adam and Mayor Euille had volunteers outside; they said there was almost no morning rush to vote. I think that puts the election up for grabs. I know I have three more votes for Adam that are on nobody’s universe of ‘likely primary voters’, maybe Adam or Patrick can swing a surprise.  

  • PassionateJus

    Only one volunteer outside, for Hope.

    In the end I voted for Levine. I like how he helped found the marriage equality movement and how he helped draft DC’s marriage equality law. Also I like how he helped draft a Tennessee law protecting victims of domestic violence.

    In the end for me it was between him and Ebbin and since Levine has had ads running, I figure he has a better chance at slipping in, especially with such low turnout. I had also considered voting for Hope but he lost my support when he called for a referendum on the streetcar. As someone who has lived in Portland and Seattle I know first hand the value of light rails and streetcars.

    I guess we’ll see in a few hours.

  • CADeminVA

    I went to my precinct around 10AM. Voted for Anthony Reidel, the bagger challenging Rob Wittman. I was the 29th person to vote so it’s an extremely low turnout. The VA-01 Democrats have nominated Norm Mosher as our candidate in November. It will be a slog, but Warner’s name at the top of the ballot might help some.

  • elsid09

    Proudly cast my vote for Adam at Kirkside around noon. Turnout seemed very low. We were the only ones in there. Manned table set up by Adams’ supporters. No other candidates had people there.  

  • essequamverderi

    I too voted for Ebbin and was probably the 20th person to vote at my location. There were no volunteers outside and I was the only person looking to vote. One volunteer was at my metro station this morning but didn’t seem too engaged.

    Going into the voting booth, I genuinely did not know who I was going to vote for. All of the candidates seemed pretty terrible: full of the usual platitudes and talking points. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Beyer because his position as a newly-found progressive champion was simply laughable. He’ll make a great fundraiser for Clinton in 2016 and probably the top of the ticket local candidates. He could, and probably would have, done the same thing from the sidelines. There’s always another ambassadorship to buy (someplace tropical, perhaps?)Ditto for the “aggressive progressive” Levine. I wouldn’t relish the 8th district becoming a laughing stock so our congressman could make himself feel important by shouting the loudest in a room full of idiots.

    Ebbin it was but I don’t feel strongly about my vote. Hope seemed fine but I liked Ebbin’s low-key, get it done, attitude.

  • Wow, I didn’t expect that!

  • JobyTodd

    Don Beyer’s a real progressive. It’s kind of hard to call someone who was Howard Dean’s NATIONAL Campaign Treasurer and one of President Obama’s earliest supporters a “Clinton Democrat.”  

  • totallynext
  • According to Kip Malinosky, just 88 people have voted at Dawson Terrace in Arlington as of 4:05pm. That compares to a total of 105 votes in last year’s Dem AG primary…  

  • leedynamo

    Campaigns are serious business Ben.  When are you going to grow up?

  • fwdprogress

    People should read the tweet and chill…EVERY campaign could have tweeted about the President’s visit and no one wouldve considered it a big deal.