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Gotta Agree with Kos on This One


I’ve never attended Netroots Nation, in part because I have no particular desire to spend hundreds of dollars of my own money to do so, but also in part because I never really saw the point. With the bizarre, brain-dead decision of Netroots Nation to hold their 2015 thingamabob (whatever it is exactly) in Phoenix, Arizona (the state being Anti-Latino-Immigrant Central, pretty much), there’s less reason than ever to attend (although perhaps the corporate media, which otherwise could give a crap, will cover it just because there now will be “controversy,” which they LOVE?).

Is there a broader point here? In my view, there is. Namely, that Democrats, liberals, progressives, environmentalists, etc. should try to live their values as much as possible. No, nobody’s perfect, but I see no reason why we shouldn’t try, to the extent possible, to…

*Boycott horrible companies like Hobby Lobby and Chick-Fil-A, and refuse to purchase products that enrich the Koch brothers, or support companies that pay their workers slave wages, etc, etc.

*Support businesses that DO conform to our values.

*Work to reduce our adverse environmental impact – carbon emissions, trash, meat consumption, water runoff from our roofs and yards, pesticide usage, lawns vs. native plants, etc. – in our personal lives.

*Choose to travel to, hold conferences/do business in places that we feel good about, and avoid places that do bad stuff like discriminate against whole groups of citizens.

*Refuse to appear as guests on Faux “News” or other right-wing propaganda channels, which in my view convinces none of their viewers/listeners, but DOES help lend them legitimacy, as they can claim they allow “both sides” to air their views and that they are thereby “fair and balanced.” One of the most egregious examples of this was President Obama agreeing to an interview with hatemongering right wingnut Bill O’LIElly. That was utterly inexcusable on both moral and political grounds (e.g., it was wrong morally AND it didn’t help Obama politically in any way).

Again, we’re all human and none of us are perfect, but we can STRIVE to live our values as much as possible. In the case of Netroots Nation, last I checked there are 50 states in this country, including many that are far superior to Arizona in terms of reflecting the progressive values Netroots Nation stands for. Not that they care about my opinion on this, since they didn’t even care about Kos’ for god’s sake (WTF?!?), but I strongly advise them to rethink this truly stupid decision.

  • Dan Sullivan

    After all, we’ll be closing in on a Presidential election year. In fact, let’s just see who attends.

  • fwdprogress

    we’re in a state that denies medicaid, restricts abortion etc. so why shouldnt we boycott ourselves?

  • CADeminVA

    There were complaints on DKos about how MSNBC was ignoring NN; well maybe they were on to something. Let’s see who shows up to speak in Phoenix.

    Oh and add EdenSoy to the list of companies worthy of boycott.

    And please while things could be better here in the Old Dominion, there are at least glimmers of a New Dominion with all five state-wide offices in the hands of Democrats.

  • Mallsus2

    What would be the point of holding one of these conferences in a place that is already completely in agreement with progressive philosophy? You do these things in places like Detroit to bring attention to the plight of the area and Arizona in order to bring a big boost to progressive ideology/causes/organizations in an area that needs it. Holding this in Arizona brings with it a boatload of attention, discussions, debates, action towards all of the issues plaguing the state. Holding a conference like net roots nation in say, Portland, Oregon would be a bunch of liberals talking to themselves doing nothing to expand the cause or bring about change.  

  • AnonymousIsAWoman

    The reason you boycott states that consistently are on the wrong side of history and morality is because you don’t want your hard earned money going to hotels, restaurants, and  sales taxes that support things you are fighting.

    Pick a progressive state and show your support by going there and leaving your money for hotel rooms, food, and entertainment there.

    Phoenix doesn’t care whether you agree with it.  It cares that you’ve enriched it.

    By the way, the same argument should be used going forward with the Democratic Party. They should hold national conventions in states that are blue or purple.  Or states where we have a shot at flipping them, not deep red states.  And when possible, we should be looking at states that have union hotels available.

    The best way to take it to the enemy is by boycotting him and rewarding our actual friends.

  • petrolcide

    “Work to reduce our adverse environmental impact – carbon emissions, trash, meat consumption, water runoff from our roofs and yards, pesticide usage, lawns vs. native plants, etc. – in our personal lives.”

    Why would we do this? We should be able to experience all of the same joys in life that Republicans do! (Am I right?!)

    Besides, my car is fun and I’m lazy, and I need my yard to look nicer than the Republican’s yard next door.