John Foust Has Twice as Much Cash on Hand as GOP “Attack Dog” Barbara Comstock


    The second quarter 2014 numbers are rolling in, and there’s good news for the “blue team” in Virginia’s 10th Congressional district race, at least on the money front. In spite of expectations that Barbara Comstock would be a money machine, calling in favors from all her Bush Administration and far-right-wing pals, it turns out that Democratic nominee John Foust is more than holding his own (see press release on the “flip”). According to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, here are the key numbers as of June 30, 2014.

    *John Foust’s campaign has $1,125,718 cash on hand as of June 30, a nearly 2:1 advantage over Barbara Comstock’s $575,890.

    *”Due to a discrepancy in primary reporting deadlines, Foust and Comstock reporting periods do not line up chronologically. Comstock reported for the period of 4/7/2014 – 6/30/2014. During this time Comstock raised $610,797.62.  Foust’s report covers 5/22/2014 – 6/30/2014. During the exact same period as Comstock (4/7 – 6/30), Foust raised $699,931.67.”

    *Among Comstock’s contributors were some real doozies: Michael Chertoff, who “played a role crafting the Bush Administration’s torture policies when he was with the Department of Justice;” “massacre denialist” and indicted/convicted Iran-Contra conspirator Elliot Abrams; Clinton/Lewinsky grand inquisitor Joseph diGenova; warmonger and Sarah Palin cheerleader William Kristol; “outer” of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame (ergo a traitor) Lewis “Scooter” Libby; author of the idiotic Bush tax cuts (who also underestimated the cost of the Iraq War by a factor of 10-30!) Lawrence Lindsey; the extreme, egregious David Ramadan;  House Speaker John Boehner (’nuff said on that one); modern-day Joe McCarthy wannabe Darrell Issa; Bush Administration warmonger, Jesse Helms “protege”, and of course Benghazeeee conspiracy theorist John Bolton; the Koch brothers (of course!); the NRA (ditto!); and many other fine, upstanding folks like that.

    Anyway, there’s no doubt that money from torture afficionados, warmongers, Bush Administration buddies, conspiracy theorists, Clinton prosecutors, Iran-Contra figures, corporate tools and right-wingnuts of all types will continue to pour into Barbara Comstock’s campaign treasury. Clearly, these folks sense a kindred spirit in Comstock, and that’s a terrifying thought for anyone other than the far right. Which is why I encourage everyone to donate to Democratic nominee John Foust, a great guy who has an excellent chance of winning this open seat in the “swing” 10th district this November (that’s a big part of the reason he’s in the DCCC’s “Red to Blue” program). Just consider: by helping Foust defeat Comstock, the Congress you save may be your own. 🙂 Your country thanks you.

    John Foust Raises Over $700K,

    Has Nearly Double Cash On Hand Than Comstock

    FAIRFAX, VA – In another sign of strong momentum, John Foust’s campaign announced today that they have outraised Barbara Comstock during the most recent reporting period.  

    From April through June, Foust’s campaign raised a total $705,148.83, bringing the total cash on hand to $1,125,718.40. Foust ended the period with more than $1.1 million cash on hand compared to $576 thousand for Comstock. In a further indication of Foust’s strong grassroots support, roughly 97-percent of total contributions Foust received has come from individual contributors.

    “I’m incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support we’ve received,” said John Foust. “Whether it’s cutting wasteful spending or supporting important priorities that our community cares about like education, Northern Virginia residents want to send the kind of practical problem-solving we practice in Fairfax to Washington – and these numbers are more proof that our message is resonating across the district.”

    *Due to a discrepancy in primary reporting deadlines, Foust and Comstock reporting periods do not line up chronologically. Comstock reported for the period of 4/7/2014 – 6/30/2014. During this time Comstock raised, $610,797.62.  Foust’s report covers 5/22/2014 – 6/30/2014. During the exact same period as Comstock (4/7 – 6/30), Foust raised $699,931.67.

    • From the Virginia 10th CD Democratic Committee:

      LOUDOUN, Va. – Today on a press conference call, a coalition of northern Virginia women leaders including Senators Janet Howell, Barbara Favola, and Jennifer Wexton spoke out against Barbara Comstock’s anti-women’s record. Additionally, northern Virginia women leaders Berryville Town Councilmember Mary Daniel and 10th District Democratic Committee member E.J. Scott discussed how Republican initiatives effect women’s lives in their areas of Virginia’s 10th district.

      The press call follows Comstock’s refusal to speak out against the recent controversial Hobby Lobby decision. Previously, Comstock has stated that she believes Roe v. Wade should be overturned, has voted to require women to undergo medically unnecessary and invasive transvaginal ultra-sounds before receiving an abortion, and even voted to ban common forms of birth control.

      Included below is a partial transcript of their statements. An entire recording of the telephone press conference is available upon request.

      Senator Howell:

      “The women in northern Virginia seem unaware of Barbara Comstock’s voting record in Richmond. I’ve been watching her now for the last five years with her votes, and some of them have really concerned me and I wanted to make sure that the public was aware of them.”

      Senator Howell:

      “In 2012, Delegate Comstock voted for Bob Marshall’s ‘personhood’ bill that would’ve outlawed many common forms of birth control for Virginia’s women. When Delegate Vivian Watts introduced an amendment that would make it absolutely certain that [the personhood bill] would not cover legal legal birth control, Delegate Comstock voted against that amendment. So, in affect, she voted in favor of the possibility of banning some forms of birth control in Virginia.”

      Senator Howell:

      “But that’s not all – she stated that she believes Roe v. Wade should be overturned. Now I’m old enough to remember what it was like in the bad old days, before Roe v. Wade, and I think if anyone who thinks that overturning Roe v. Wade would do anything positive for a woman’s health, they’re sadly mistaken. But, that is her stated position, and she has continued to oppose a woman’s right to choose, even in cases of rape and incest.”

      Senator Favola:

      “Its important to me as an elected leader, and I think its important to our voters in northern Virginia that they really understand a person’s actions and a person’s record. Barbara has been very effective at, sort of, talking the talk to whatever audience she happens to be in front of. If elections are about anything, they are about, and should be about, what the differences are between the candidates, and bringing some level of transparency to the voters.”

      Senator Favola:

      “I can tell you forcefully, that John Foust is strongly on the side of women. John foist trusts women to make their own personal decisions, and certainly John Foust would not interfere in the patient-doctor relationship. Barbara Comstock has demonstrated that she would in fact, interfere with.”

      Senator Wexton:

      “It appears that Barbara Comstock and her handlers are hoping that the voter in the 10th are either not paying attention or are not educated about the issues – and they’re just assuming that because Barbara’s a woman, she must be in favor of women’s health issues and be on our side. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

      “As many of you know, I was elected in a special election in January of this year. That probably makes me the person who has been out talking to voters and on the doors most recently among my colleagues on the call. I can tell you that it was a feeling of outrage and a feeling of betrayal that helped propel me into the Virginia State Senate.”

      Senator Wexton:

      “The people that I would talk to on the doors, not just women, but men who have mothers, wives, daughters, and are concerned about these issues, were really horrified by the overstepping in the General Assembly – things like the ‘personhood bill,’ the TRAP regulations, transvaginal ultrasound, and Barbara Comstock was right there at the center, the standard-bearer for those divisive social issues. This is not what the government should be doing, people told me again and again that they do not want the government micro-managing women’s healthcare and family planning decisions. That’s why I think its very important that people know the truth about Barbara Comstock.”

      Berryville Town Councilmember Mary Daniel:

      “From my perspective, the increase in out-of-pocket contraceptive costs for rural women would be even higher and those in urban areas. By putting up these roadblocks for preventative contraception access and for medical care, Republican politicians like Barbara Comstock press our middle-class families from both sides. Decisions like ‘Hobby Lobby’ could cause medical costs to rise, pushing struggling families straight to the brink. And when a mother’s financial situation is compromised, her entire family is in danger. John Foust understands this connection, and would empower women to be able to make their own decisions with the help of their doctors – and not interfere with this very basic civil right.”

      10th District Committee Member and Manassas and Manassas Park Democratic Chair: E.J. Scott

      “I’m particularly concerned about Barbara Comstock’s policies as they relate to poor and working-class women. The ‘Hobby Lobby’ decision will certainly make it harder for all women, but for low-income women especially – making it difiicult to obtain birth-control, and to make their healthcare choices. I’m not surprised that Barbara Comstock will not speak out against this poor decision. She’s supported Bob Marshall’s notorious ‘personhood’ amendment, as was spoken about before, that amendment would outright ban commonly used forms of birth control. Women’s access to contraception, and our right to consult with our doctors about our own private healthcare choices should not be determined by our employers. Barbara Comstock is completely out of step with the women here in Manassas and Manassas Park.”


      Comstock:  “Yes, I think Roe v Wade Should be Overturned.” In October 2006 on CNN’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” Comstock said, “…yes, I think Roe vs. Wade should be overturned and the states should decide it.” [MSNBC, 10/16/08]

      Comstock Voted to Require Transvaginal Ultrasounds Prior to Abortions. In 2012, Comstock voted for a bill “that requires women to have a ‘transvaginal ultrasound’ before undergoing abortions.” [HB 462, 2/14/12; Associated Press, 2/15/12]

      Comstock Voted for Personhood Bill. In February 2012, Comstock voted in favor of HB 1, a so-called “personhood” bill, over strong opposition to the bill. Opponents argued that the broad measure could prohibit birth control. The bill passed 66 to 32.  [Washington Post, 2/13/12; HB 1, 2012 Session, 2/14/12]