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Rip Sullivan: “We don’t need any more anti-women’s-health Republicans in Richmond”


I just got back from a press conference in Arlington, in which 48th House of Delegates district Democratic nominee Rip Sullivan was joined by several other speakers focused on the crucial importance of electing a delegate who will defend – not attack – a woman’s right to choose in Virginia. Rip Sullivan and the other speakers (State Senator Barbara Favola, Delegate Kay Kory, Charlie Jackson of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, and Shelly Livingston of Planned Parenthood) all affirmed: a) their strong support for pro-choice Democrat Rip Sullivan; and b) their strong opposition to anti-choice Republican Dave Foster in the special election on August 19. Here’s a transcript of Rip Sullivan’s remarks. I’ll post the other videos in the comments section. Oh, and make sure you vote absentee if you’re going to be away on August 19!

UPDATE: I checked with both NARAL and Planned Parenthood, and both confirmed that Republican Dave Foster did not respond to requests to fill out and return their questionnaires. How disrespectful of Virginia women can you be?!? Wow.

We’re here because there is a lot at stake in this election. Dave Foster and I disagree on the issue of women’s reproductive health. I believe that a woman’s personal health decisions should be between her and her doctor. Dave Foster does not. I don’t believe government should tell a woman what she can and can’t do with her body. Dave Foster does not.

In his 2009 race for the Republican nomination for Attorney General, Dave Foster sent out mail saying he was “pro-life,” while I have always supported a woman’s right to choose. He called Roe v Wade a “case of judges imposing their will.”

Over the past few years, we’ve seen outrageous bill after outrageous bill in the Republican-dominated House of Delegates. If elected, Dave Foster would be an addition to the Republican caucus that seems obsessed with restricting a woman’s reproductive freedom. We don’t need any more anti-women’s-health Republicans in Richmond

  • “I ask Virginia voters…in the 48th district, to please, please send a delegate to Richmond who will stand up for women, who will honor a woman’s right to make her own choice, who will respect a woman and her right to privacy with her doctor. I ask you to send Rip Sullivan to the House of Delegates on August 19.”

  • “This election could not be more critical to the thousands of women and families across the Commonwealth who need increased access to quality health care, not less but more…Rip Sullivan will be a champion in the House of Delegates for not only Virginians who desperately need health care, but also for the thousands of women in the Commonwealth who rely on Planned Parenthood health centers…for family planning, for cancer screenings, and for primary care services. Rip Sullivan is the clear choice for the 48th district. He will be a voice for women, a voice for reproductive health care in Virginia. We at Planned Parenthood are so proud to endorse Mr. Sullivan and we look forward to working with [him] in the Virginia General Assembly.”

  • NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Announces Endorsement of Rip Sullivan, House of Delegates Candidate in 48th District

    Endorsement unveiled at press conference featuring women’s health activists and legislative champions

    Arlington, VA – Today, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC, the commonwealth’s leading advocacy organization for women’s health and reproductive rights, announced its endorsement of Rip Sullivan, candidate in the 48th House District. Sullivan, a Democrat, is running in a special election to fill the seat vacated by former Delegate Bob Brink. Dave Foster is the Republican nominee.  

    “As a father, professor, and long-serving community leader, Rip Sullivan understands the critical importance of a government that will protect Virginians’ fundamental rights and access to affordable, quality healthcare,” said Charlie Jackson, Board Chair of the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC. “If elected, I am confident that Rip Sullivan will be among the first to stand up against attacks on women’s health and will stand firm to keep Richmond politicians out of Virginians’ personal, private medical decisions.”

    “Virginians in the 48th district are incredibly fortunate to have such a strong pro-choice candidate in this race,” added Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. “As a new Delegate, the winner of this special election will have enormous power to affect reproductive rights in the Commonwealth. We look forward to electing Rip Sullivan on August 19th and working closely with him for many years to come.”

    The NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Political Action Committee works to directly support and elect 100% pro-choice candidates for state office in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • independent in arlington

    I read what to me was a very surprising comment from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg about the Roe v. Wade decision:

    Yet the judge who did so much to advance the legal standing of women in the country is not a fan of the Roe v. Wade opinion, the landmark case that established a woman’s right to an abortion. Ginsburg believes the court should have proceeded more cautiously, striking down Texas’ more stringent abortion ban but then leaving it up to states to decide whether they would allow abortions or not.


    Who knew?